Overview of glass market in various regions last w

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Overview of the glass market in various regions last week

regional trend:

the East China spot market is mainly stable, and the production enterprises mainly increase the outbound and withdrawal funds, and the market price changes little. At present, the order situation of processing enterprises is general, the operating rate has increased slightly, but the range is not large, and the growth rate of glass raw sheet consumption is limited. The number of glass products from central China flowing into Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai has increased slightly, which has brought certain difficulties to local production enterprises; The glass in Shahe region also took advantage of the reduction of highway transportation costs to increase the sales force in Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other regions. Due to the cold repair and shutdown plan of some production lines in March and April, the willingness of production enterprises to support prices is stronger in the short term. With the recovery of the economy, at the same time, the price of soda ash has also decreased to a certain extent recently, reducing the financial pressure of production enterprises

the market trend in South China is acceptable, the production and sales of production enterprises are basically balanced, and the market price is mainly stable. After the price reduction in the early stage, the inflow of glass from other ports has decreased significantly, which helps to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand in the local area. At the same time, the reduction of the price of raw glass also plays a certain role in promoting deep-processing enterprises to undertake orders. In the later stage of Zhangzhou Qibin production, under the influence of factors such as cold repair of motor function reconstruction line through this research, the speed of traders' procurement increased slightly, and the market confidence was acceptable. Production enterprises in Central China generally leave the warehouse, and the market price is stable. Only by increasing shipping in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai in East China can we reduce the pressure on production enterprises. Local Low-E glass processing plant orders are acceptable

the overall trend of the North China market improved slightly, the overall inventory of production enterprises decreased slightly, and the price changed little. Recently, the road transportation cost from Shahe area to other places has been reduced, effectively increasing the sales radius and competitiveness. Therefore, although local deep-processing enterprises are limited, it has little impact on the overall production and sales of production enterprises. This week, the Beijing Glass Exhibition Conference and Shahe glass exhibition conference were held at the same time, which played a certain role in promoting the later experimental method: increasing orders for deep processing enterprises in Shahe and North China. In addition, with the resumption of production of deep-processing enterprises in Shahe region after the middle of the year, the consumption of glass has also increased significantly. In the short term, the market price is mainly stable, and it is expected to rise slightly in the later period

aftermarket overview:

at present, the glass spot market is in a stalemate as a whole. Production enterprises mainly increase outbound and withdrawal funds, and the market price is running at a high price. On the one hand, the current spot demand is in the off-season, and the order increase of processing enterprises is limited month on month; On the other hand, the shutdown of deep-processing enterprises in Shahe area in the early stage also has a delaying effect on the consumption of raw glass. 818 extruders were exported in October. It is expected that the market demand will return to normal after the processing enterprises resume production. Recently, Shahe exhibition and Beijing exhibition were held at the same time. It is understood that the processing enterprises' acceptance of orders is acceptable. At present, the inventories of production enterprises in Shahe area have decreased slightly, and the manufacturers have a strong willingness to support prices. At the same time, the price of soda ash is expected to be reduced to a certain extent, which will help reduce the cost pressure of production enterprises

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