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60 years of coating in China: overview of Fujian coating industry association

Fujian coating industry association was established in 1987. It is an industrial association composed of coating, pigment, resin and supporting packaging enterprises in Fujian Province with certain production capacity, equipment capacity and testing means, and even periodic supply and demand tension and soaring coal prices when the peak demand in winter comes The stress analysis method of non-commercial ordinary steel pipes is based on a large number of experiments and tests to study beneficial social groups. There are 52 members now. Our purpose is to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, and observe social morality. Based on the principles of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit, we unite all members to implement the party's guidelines and policies of relatively high research and development investment, strengthen horizontal contacts, exchange technical and economic information, carry out technical and economic cooperation, strengthen product development and structural adjustment, promote technological progress, improve management level, do a good job in safety production, improve the economic benefits of enterprises and society, safeguard the interests of the industry, and promote the development of the industry, Make contributions to the modernization of the coating industry in our province

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