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Yesterday, Wenzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with Bureau Veritas international inspection group to jointly build an international low-voltage solution, which is located below the piezoelectric laboratory. In the future, Wenzhou low-voltage electrical appliance export enterprises can achieve international product certification at the "gate of home". Therefore, Wenzhou low voltage electrical apparatus laboratory has become the only laboratory with the international certification ability of low voltage electrical apparatus products in China

Wenzhou has low 3. Software and hardware: excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts brand computer piezoelectric South China Sea Route resource enricher. There are more than 1000 enterprises, of which about 40% of the products are exported to European, African and South American markets. Export products must be internationally certified. The market of plastic machinery enterprises in China will be more open. In the past, Wenzhou production enterprises had to bring products to foreign laboratories, or invite engineers from foreign certification institutions to come to China for on-site tests, which was costly and took a long time

insiders believe that the cooperation between Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Bureau Veritas will provide localized services for enterprises, shorten the certification time and reduce the certification cost, and build a fast track for enterprises in Wenzhou and surrounding areas to enter the international market. In addition, it will help Wenzhou mechanical and electrical enterprises to quickly understand the international market information and improve the international market competitiveness of products

Bureau Veritas is a world-renowned international inspection and certification organization, with a service network covering more than 150 countries around the world and more than 900 offices and laboratories

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