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Low voltage electrical appliances: pry the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou's primary industrial cluster

dozens of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises in Yueqing, Wenzhou, will get the warm hammer before the new products are launched. It can't be damaged. Here, we will check and ask questions to see if the products are qualified. Because the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of low voltage electrical intelligent technology of Wenzhou University is the chief engineer and think tank of these enterprises

Wenzhou is the capital of electrical appliances in China and the export base of low-voltage electrical appliances in China. There are more than 4000 low-voltage electrical appliances related enterprises. Low voltage electrical appliances are one of the pillar industries of Wenzhou at the regular dispatching meeting on November 27, 2017, and it is also the first industrial cluster of Wenzhou. However, products are generally of low grade and low technical content, which has been difficult to break through the dilemma. Many electrical appliance enterprises in Wenzhou are constantly experiencing pain

the Intelligent Technology Laboratory of low voltage electrical appliances of Wenzhou University, using its own technology and professional level, has continuously assisted the development of Wenzhou's largest industry and prized the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry

from families to electrical appliance enterprises, Wenda low voltage electrical appliance laboratory is like a doctor busy at his post, meticulously testing electrical appliance safety. The laboratory has complete equipment for product testing

in the laboratory, there is an EMC anechoic chamber surrounded by spikes made of special materials, which is specially used to detect electrical radiation. Once the detection begins, all external interference should be eliminated and no one left. There are only one or two universities in the country with this set of equipment worth two or three million yuan

Wenzhou can produce more than 6 million miniature circuit breakers for household use every day. Professor Wu guichu, the director of the laboratory, said that the safety and reliability of these circuit breakers became particularly important. If there were leakage, short circuit and other problems, it was easy to cause fire, so safety detection was very important

the Laboratory conducts a general physical examination of the low-voltage electrical appliances submitted for inspection through various equipment, such as detecting the movement of the arc, using short-circuit experiments such as sticky soft rubber on the surface in contact with the sample to study the electrical life, etc. behind a small low-voltage electrical appliance, there is a whole room and a complete set of equipment under strict control

in the exhibition hall of the laboratory, team member Liang Bameng pointed to a small circuit breaker lean production testing line independently developed by the team and said: This semi-automatic assembly line can complete the testing of a circuit breaker in half a second, which can reduce the number of employees in the enterprise by 2/3. Nowadays, many electrical appliance enterprises come to learn from the experience and introduce assembly lines, ending the low efficiency and low accuracy of manual detection and starting a new era of machine replacement

we also advocate the establishment of smart electricity to monitor the power consumption in real time through the network. Once there is a problem, it should be found in time, and the electricity meter should also be intelligent. Once the power consumption exceeds the standard, it can be shut down remotely. Wu guichu believes that the research and application of the laboratory in low-voltage electrical appliances has leveraged the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry in terms of profitability, added value and technology

now, the research technology of the laboratory is widely used in famous electrical appliance enterprises such as Chint, Delixi, Tianzheng, people's electric appliance, which greatly improves the production automation, efficiency and product quality of the enterprise, and produces an economic benefit of 9. It can control the opening of conditioning packaging bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production processes and use requirements More than 2.5 billion yuan. Next, the laboratory plans to work hard on automatic assembly and continue to overcome difficulties for the development of Wenzhou electrical industry

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