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Ls power generation leads the industry standard with innovation

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for decades, LS power generation has led the development of industrial electrical control and automation in South Korea with advanced technology, although the design of personalized solutions is mostly boring. In order to formulate digital industry standards that will lead the future, LS power generation relies on its rich industrial knowledge and professional skills in the fields of electrification, automation, pipe fittings and new business. While putting forward overall solutions for customers, it continues to develop new automated products and improve product production lines. Recently, LS power ceremoniously launched XGR series redundant PLC, a new high-end PLC in the Chinese market, providing a reliable guarantee for the safety performance in the field of safe shutdown system

according to the introduction, this new product is an industrial control system equipment that can support various applications in typical industrial sites. Its overall design is positioned at the middle and high end. It is suitable for the trouble free PA fields such as chemistry, water treatment, steel and so on. It meets the requirements of high reliability in the field of safe shutdown system, and meets the needs of customers for network safety. It is a highly reliable redundant PLC

according to the relevant personnel of LS power generation R & D department, PLC technology is one of the three pillars of modern industrial automation control, and it is an industrial control product with high reliability and wide application. Following the launch of xgtxgk series products in China in 2007, LS power again launched xgtxgr series redundant PLC in the Chinese market in 2009

as a new member of the xgt series family, the overall design of the XGR series redundant PLC products of LS power generation is positioned at the middle and high end. It works in a new advanced engineering environment based on open network, ultra fast processing speed, compact size and friendly interface software, and meets the requirements of high reliability in the field of safe shutdown systems and customers' needs for network safety. It has the following four characteristics: first, the CPU has high processing speed and powerful expansion function: by applying the self-developed special ASIC (special purpose integrated circuit) to xgrcpu, LS power generation has achieved the highest level of operation processing speed and CPU conversion speed in the industry, with the maximum number of input/output points of 131072 and the total memory of 32MB. In addition, xgrplc is easy to expand and install through the use of network. Since the utilization range and degree of pressure testing machine are so wide, it can expand 31 substrates at most. Distance: optical fiber 2km (maximum expansion 66km), twisted pair 100 (maximum expansion 3.3km), which can upload and download programs through the expansion base plate. There is no restriction on the installation of communication master station on the expansion base plate, which greatly improves the flexibility of network configuration. Second, the structure design is compact, providing a variety of input and output modules and special modules: XGR redundant PLC has exquisite and unique appearance design and compact structure, which saves a lot of space for the customer's switchboard space. The product has a variety of expansion modules, such as digital input module, output module, input-output hybrid module and analog module, and can install up to 250 analog modules on the expansion base plate, of which the maximum number of analog input modules is 139, and other special modules such as isolated thermocouple module, thermal resistance temperature input module, HSC module, position control module, etc., which are convenient for users to choose flexibly. At the same time, users can also set parameters through input/output parameters and frames, and debug the block monitoring of the special die extruder, which accounts for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery. The humanized design concept is reflected in the details

third, it supports a variety of communication solutions: xgrplc provides a variety of communication methods based on open networks. By using ring topology technology to control i/o, the reliability of control is improved. At the same time, the PLC uses optical cable 1Gbps synchronous cable to perform the synchronous operation between the master station and the standby CPU. The programming tool xg5000 simplifies the process of programming and communication settings through a user-centered interface, and provides offline simulation functions to help users shorten the actual debugging time. In addition, the hot exchange function of the module can be replaced during operation, which improves the convenience of maintenance for users. In addition, in terms of network communication, the product supports a variety of communication solutions to facilitate users' flexible selection. Fourth, cutting-edge technologies are used to a great extent, which is perfectly presented: XGR series products use the same network configuration manager as xgt series: xg-pd, and users can easily conduct system analysis by using operation history, error history, and system history. Users can also use ring configuration to avoid single line disconnection fault affecting communication, network monitoring and protocol monitoring functions; Graphical display of system configuration by using signs to monitor error channels; Through the wizard security conversion module, the open network is used to facilitate the interface. At the same time, on the expansion base plate, users can install up to 24 communication modules, diagnose the network through network and frame monitoring, and plclink through dedicated Ethernet based communication. In short, users have enhanced the management function through the analysis of various histories and network ring configuration

ls power generation R & D department said, "XGR redundant PLC is applicable to the PA fields requiring no fault such as chemistry, water treatment, steel, etc. it is a highly reliable redundant PLC. The product provides more than five kinds of redundancy conversion conditions, including power failure, controller failure, module plugging and unplugging, expansion cable short circuit and user conditions. It comprehensively protects the safe production of user equipment, realizes the redundancy conversion function of fault protection in a real sense, and provides industrial users with Provide the best system redundancy solution. "

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