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Low voltage electrical appliances face the supply side reform

in Beijing, a five-star hotel near the capital airport, people came here directly after the plane landed. They came from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and even further provinces and cities, and participated in the Beijing press conference of Chint Kunlun new products for the same purpose. They touch, disassemble and assemble Chint Kunlun circuit breakers, carefully observe the use frequency of the switches being demonstrated, experience the intelligence brought by the new products one by one, and feel the impact of Chint Kunlun in the user experience from zero distance. They just represent the huge energy released in the process of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration

why is it called great energy? We might as well pay attention to such a set of data. The order amount has far exceeded 20million yuan after one hour of on-site activities. To put it bluntly, 20million yuan is equivalent to the operating income of small and medium-sized low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises in China for half a year, while Chint Kunlun series products took only one hour. I'm surprised that this new product with a cumulative investment of 150million yuan has achieved remarkable results

frankly speaking, the demand for low-end products in China's low-voltage electrical market is still huge. Five or six years ago, an interview with the head of a foreign brand of low-voltage electrical, he calmly said: we should penetrate from the high-end to the low-end market, and gradually expand the radiation range of the Chinese market. This scene has been unforgettable so far, because it means that the medium and low-end market, which belongs to the home of local brands, has also welcomed strong competitors

then, in just a few years, foreign brands continued to tilt towards the middle and low-end market. In its view, the products were simply matched to meet the market to a certain extent, and consumers seemed to be able to accept the high cost performance at the expense of some performance, which was confirmed by the rapid growth of the performance of foreign brands in the past few years. Despite the recent decline in the performance of foreign brands, can local brands breathe a sigh of relief? The answer is naturally No. At this time, the handle of the oil return valve should be opened, because due to the slowdown of national GDP growth and the decline of national power consumption growth, the performance decline is not only foreign brands, but also the performance of enterprises in the power equipment industry chain has suffered from varying degrees of decline

at this time, what should local medium and low voltage enterprises do? Improve management level, increase R & D investment, and improve quality control? Unfortunately, most enterprises have not made major changes in this regard, and they are still going round and round in the vicious circle of the past. So today, more and more people have actively mentioned supply side reform

when talking about supply side reform with insiders, the general view is that this is not a government slogan in a simple sense, but a practical and effective development path. The huge energy released in the process of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration mentioned above also illustrates the strong voice of the market for supply side reform. To improve the quality of supply, promote structural adjustment, expand effective supply, and increase the adaptability and flexibility of the supply structure to changes in demand, the major directions of supply side reform have all hit the pain points of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

however, how should the supply side reform be changed? Where should Chinese low voltage electrical appliance brands go? Sun Tzu's art of war ˙ Chapter nine of the earth says: the feeling of the army is the main speed. Take advantage of people's lack, and attack what they don't quit. From this point of view, we felt the power of speed at the Beijing press conference of Chint Kunlun new products

introduce some product details touched by the press conference: the electrical life of the frame circuit breaker is up to 8000 times, and the mechanical life is up to 15000 times; Molded case circuit breaker is a new electronic release, which can accurately deal with hidden troubles; In terms of operation failure rate of terminal power distribution products, 530000 operation failures are less than 3 times. Compared with similar products, these details are eye-catching enough

the above are only some details, not all. According to the information released by Chint, Kunlun has applied for more than 360 patented technologies and passed 7860 reliability tests. The whole series of products are suitable for -35~70 ℃ environment. The leakage protection value of miniature circuit breakers is the first in the domestic industry to be reduced to 10 mA. The pull-in voltage range of motor control and protection products reaches 70%~120%us, which is higher than the national standard of contactor coil voltage of 85%~110%us

the extraordinary performance naturally makes people curious. After several inquiries, the R & D team of Chint Kunlun learned that it was born in a famous family. It was built by more than 400 industry's strongest brains from the low voltage electrical appliances research branch of Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute and the four low voltage electrical appliances manufacturing departments of Chint. This is a great honor for an industrial product with low single product price, No wonder Chint rated it as not an optimization, but an evolution

it should be noted that low voltage electrical products span multiple disciplines and are comprehensive and technology intensive majors. According to statistics, foreign excellent enterprises can achieve about 5% to 7% of the total sales in the research and development of new low-voltage electrical products, specifically in R & D investment. The average investment of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry is 1%~2% of the total sales. The investment in scientific research and new product research and development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry is obviously insufficient, which hinders the sustainable development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Under the background that the development of smart electricity and the safe use of electricity are increasingly valued, if China's low-voltage electrical appliance brands do not increase investment in scientific research and new product research and development, do not increase basic generic technology research, and quickly improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, it will hinder the sustainable development of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry and lose market competitiveness

obviously, looking at the development of the industry, Chint spent 150million yuan on the research and development of Chint Kunlun is a big operation. Although at present, the factors that can not affect the friction action can not determine what changes will lead to the ecological chain of the industry, we would like to quote the view of Chint executives: for the industry, we expect to lead the whole industry into an era that attaches great importance to product quality competitiveness by launching Chint Kunlun series of new products, Set off a new revolution to improve the quality of low-voltage electrical appliances in the whole industry

there is no doubt that if a product can trigger the overall upgrading of similar products in the market, it will become a positive case of supply side reform under the initial prestress of 0.7 times the yield strength, boost the transformation, innovate, improve the supply quality and efficiency, and eliminate backward production capacity

on the day of Chint Kunlun new product launch, Beijing had a rare blue sky in spring. That afternoon, it was sunny and warm. The bustling crowd exchanged more details of Chint Kunlun, which was particularly lively. Looking out the window in a blink of an eye, magnolias, which always maintained an upward posture, bloomed one after another, as if they saw the upward power of China's low-voltage electrical appliance brand

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