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In recent years, the export of low-voltage electrical appliances has faced the severe challenge of "containment" of technical barriers in various countries. Especially in 2007, various trade barriers dominated by the European Union, such as RoHS directive entering the full implementation stage, EUP Directive will also be implemented soon, and the inspection and certification of products will gradually become stricter, which will cause great difficulties for the export of low-voltage electrical products in China

at the same time, fake and inferior products flooded the domestic market, and the industry order chaos caused by imitation has not been effectively solved. In the midst of internal and external difficulties, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry made concerted efforts to break through the siege, intending to get out of the strange circle of low-level competition, thus triggering a new round of product upgrading

years of technology accumulation

learned that in order to effectively avoid the widening gap between domestic products and foreign products, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry is increasing research and development investment, improving the technical content of products, and developing from labor-intensive to technology intensive. The research and development of new generation products, that is, the fourth generation products, is actively underway, and the development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry has opened a new chapter

Shanghai Institute of Electrical Science (Group) Co., Ltd. organized relevant experts to carry out in-depth preliminary research on the development of the fourth generation low-voltage electrical appliances in two years. The most representative four series of products were selected from more than ten product fields of the industry as the first batch of start-up projects of the fourth generation of low-voltage appliances, namely, the new generation of universal circuit breakers, the new generation of molded case circuit breakers, the new generation of control and protection switchgear and small circuit breakers with selective protection

relevant experts carry out work in four aspects: collection of the latest generation product data of foreign well-known companies; Comprehensively collect and analyze the patents applied for by the latest generation of foreign products at home and abroad; Draw a "portrait" of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical products to be developed, that is, the product owner ----- Professor Yang Weimin of School of electrical engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology/Changjiang Scholar wants performance indicators, functions and characteristics

overcome three major problems

with the birth of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances and the application of Fieldbus Technology in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances, low-voltage electrical appliances will be promoted to networking and communicable development. In the late 1990s, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry put forward the idea of developing communicable low-voltage electrical appliances. After many discussions, it is proposed that communicable low-voltage electrical appliances will become the representative products of the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances in China

the development of the new generation of products in China is far greater than that of the previous three generations of products, facing three major problems

first, there are technical differences. The main technical performance indicators of the third generation of low-voltage electrical appliances in China have reached a considerable level, and the protection characteristics and functions have been relatively perfect. It is very difficult to achieve a big leap on this basis. Compared with the basic level of China's second and third generation product development, the situation is different

the second is to have self-control technology. At present, the intellectual property protection of new generation products abroad has been very complete, and the accuracy of displacement testing is regarded as the standard to measure the level of experimental machines. Each product has a large number of "patent groups" protection. It is almost impossible to copy simply. In recent years, BASF has developed a "new material", and the awareness of intellectual property protection of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises is also increasing. Experts believe that the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances must have their own characteristics, patents and brands

third, the investment is huge. The investment in developing the fourth generation of low-voltage electrical appliances will be very large. Data shows that the investment in the development of the latest generation of products abroad is generally 300 million to 500 million yuan, and some are even larger. Combined with the actual situation in China, the development investment of the fourth generation low-voltage electrical appliances is expected to be 30-50 million yuan

new products strive for 3C certification

according to he Ruihua, secretary general and senior expert of the general low voltage branch of China Electrical Industry Association, it is difficult for China's low voltage electrical industry, including Shanghai Electric Technology Group, to undertake the research and development of a new generation of low voltage electrical products alone. In addition, the mode of using the traditional joint design in the past and then promoting it in the whole industry is no longer suitable for the requirements of enterprise development under the new situation. After in-depth discussion in many aspects, it was finally determined that each project was jointly developed by Shanghai Electric Power Technology Group and two powerful enterprises, with joint investment, shared achievements, non transfer of achievements, and the return of scientific research achievements was obtained through the way of enterprise output Commission

fortunately, this mode has been supported by a number of excellent enterprises in the industry. In early 2006, it took the lead in launching two projects, the new generation of universal circuit breaker and the new generation of molded case circuit breaker. In June, 2006, two projects, new control and protection switchgear and small circuit breaker with selective protection, were launched. So far, the development of the first batch of the most representative four typical series products of the fourth generation low-voltage electrical appliances in China has been fully launched

it is understood that on the basis of the previous two years' research of Shanghai Electric Power Technology Group, a joint research and development group was established in 2006. First, the four series of product research and development objectives, contents, main technical indicators, product functions, product structure schemes, etc. were discussed and consensus was reached, on which a practical work plan was formulated

the goal of this year is to complete the trial production and test of typical specifications, and strive to pass the 3C certification. In 2009, China completed the trial production of the fourth generation and four series products and gradually put them on the market; The second batch of projects is expected to be launched and implemented two years after the eleventh five year plan

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