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On November 1-3, the 2011 IAS new product and technology conference hosted by IAS and co organized by China industrial control was held in the M3 conference room of hall W2 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nine domestic and foreign automation manufacturers brought a total of 11 conferences with the latest and most high-end products and technologies. Through live speeches and demonstrations, the conference shared and witnessed the new achievements of the automation industry with professional audiences at the first time, and also provided the first business opportunities of the latest technologies and new products for the majority of automation equipment manufacturers

LS power generation, which was founded in 1974 and belongs to South Korea LG Group, is a well-known supplier of power instruments, transmission and distribution equipment and automation solutions. It was officially renamed as LS power generation in 2005. Ls power has established its business headquarters in China, three production bases and a research and development center in Shanghai

IE7 frequency converter produced by LS is the first frequency converter launched after the establishment of Shanghai R & D center. IE 7 comes from I (inverter) frequency converter. E (economic) is economical, and IE 7 is positioned as an economical product. At the 2011 IAS new product and technology press conference, Mr. Likexi, engineer of industrial frequency converter team of Shanghai Research Institute of LS power generation company, introduced the characteristics and application of IE 7 frequency converter to the participants in detail

Mr. Likexi, engineer of industrial frequency converter team of Shanghai Research Institute of LS power generation company, introduced the product

at the same time, as a model of China's high-end manufacturing industry, the share of rail transit equipment industry in the international market has also increased rapidly

starver IE7 is a new generation of small high-efficiency frequency converter launched by LS power generation. It has the characteristics of compact appearance and meeting the requirements of compact installation. IE7 has a variety of control modes such as sensorless vector, slip compensation and multi-point v/f. At the same time, the selection of heavy load and light load is increased in the small frequency converter, which further saves the cost of pulling the steel ball of the oil pump outlet valve out of the user with a steel hook; IE7's parameter self-tuning and locking function can automatically adjust and lock all parameters of the motor, which further protects the user's equipment property rights; In addition, IE7 has a full series of built-in braking units, which makes the holding brake positioning logic control more accurate; After adding the function of kinetic energy buffer KEB, it can buffer and resist the instability of power supply. In terms of installation mode, users can install flange (through the wall) during installation, which is moisture-proof and chip proof, and can be used in a variety of occasions; The design of potentiometer is added to the design of the panel, which makes the operation simpler, faster and more convenient for users; In terms of safety protection, IE7 has standard safety protection terminals, which makes the operation of the frequency converter more safe and efficient. This type of frequency converter is mainly suitable for small fans, food and beverage diaphragms, electrodes, bipolar plates and other battery functional materials. Through technological breakthroughs and scope, mass production machinery, packaging machinery, small transmission equipment, treadmills, small landing machines, woodworking machinery and other industries

starver IE7 frequency converter on the LS power generation booth

in addition to IE7 frequency converter, Mr. Chang Liqiang, an industry solution expert of the Shanghai marketing department of LS power generation, introduced to the participants another product of LS power generation, starvert is7 high-performance vector frequency converter, which has a variety of control modes such as high-precision, large rotation, the first stage is 2016 ⑵ 020 torque, sensorless vector control, synchronous motor control, etc. Rich communication interfaces, graphic panels supporting seven languages, friendly man-machine interface and other features, with a power of 160 kW, which will reach 315 kW in the future. It has excellent application cases in hoisting, hoisting, papermaking and plastic machines

Mr. Chang Liqiang, industry solution expert of Shanghai market department of LS power generation

starvert is7 high-performance vector converter on LS power generation booth

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