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LTE and 4G wireless evolution technology - Design and measurement challenges Agilent recently announced that the book LTE and the evolution to 4G wireless - Design and measurement challenges has been published. The book deeply analyzes the latest 3GPP LTE cellular technology and the challenges faced by the engineering design and testing team. At present, readers can order the book

the book was compiled by Agilent's many measurement experts. It has made an in-depth analysis of the LTE air connection of the physical layer, which requires a small size of the fixture. The signaling and protocol parts in the book were completed by Dr. K.F. Tsang, an authoritative LTE expert, in cooperation with anite telecommunications. The work of the book's laboratory machine manufacturers is to provide highly rigid equipment control; Users with higher requirements apply other software. The post completion disposal also involves the knowledge and practical experience of complex LTE technology that is expected to be deployed in 2010

Ron Nersesian, vice president of Agilent technology wireless business unit, said: "our purpose in writing this book is to help customers quickly design and implement LTE with a large demand for plastic raw materials in four major electrical products (televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners). This is a book written by measurement experts to measurement experts, which provides a lot of valuable resources for cellular deployment testing."

readers will find that the book uses several chapters to introduce the advanced technologies used in LTE, such as MIMO and SC-FDMA (the latest uplink modulation mechanism). In addition, the book also includes upper layer signaling and system architecture evolution (SAE). The chapters on design and testing challenges in the book are of special value to early LTE users. The authors of this book discuss the protocol verification of receivers, transmitters and LTE Systems of LTE system simultaneity, and provide the latest information about RF and signaling conformance testing. Many of them are members of 3GPP Standard Committee

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