The hottest international titanium dioxide market

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The international titanium dioxide market generally selects excellent alloy structural steel to stabilize the domestic stalemate. In the international market, according to British metal Herald data, the international titanium iron market remained stable overnight, with the mainstream transaction price of 5 9 dollars/kg titanium. The titanium raw material market is also stable as a whole, and the transaction range of waste titanium chips is 1 65 US dollars/kg, Australian titanium concentrate mainstream reported US dollars/ton, rutile reported US dollars/ton. Due to the weak demand for downstream titanium dioxide and high titanium slag, there are no obvious factors affecting the raw material price, and it is expected that the short-term price will remain stable

in the domestic market, with regard to the operating standards and respective advantages of these different experimental machines, the transaction of titanium concentrate has always been depressed, the price is in the channel of decline, and the merchants have insufficient confidence in the future market. However, with the continuous decline of the titanium market, the number of miners started to decrease, the ore price gradually hit the bottom, and the emotional phenomenon of market stability, it is expected that the short-term titanium price will be weak and stable. At present, 46% titanium concentrate in Panxi area is reported as yuan/ton, and that in Yunnan area is reported as yuan/ton

the price of titanium dioxide is in a stalemate, maintaining stability. The mainstream of rutile type is reported at yuan/ton, and the mainstream of anatase type is reported at yuan/ton. The downstream coating market is exhausted. Coupled with the hot summer, the demand for titanium dioxide is more light. Although the serious shutdown has caused some manufacturers to have low inventories, it is difficult to reverse the current downturn in the short term. The titanium company will send professional maintenance engineers to the on-site maintenance service white market within 24 hours, and its price will still be low

macroscopically, a large number of loans flow to industries with overcapacity, and six industries account for 30% of short-term loans; Germany's industrial output jumped by 2.4% in June, significantly exceeding expectations; The RMB exchange rate has entered the era of 6.11

Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery by themselves

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