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[international trade method] - auction

auction is a method of spot trading through the bidding of many buyers. The commodities traded by auction in international trade are those whose quality is difficult to standardize or survive for a long time, or those with traditional auction habits, such as fur, wood, tea, fruits, flowers, wool and art works

a. basic concept

auction is an auction house that specializes in auction business. It accepts the entrustment of the owner, displays the goods publicly at the specified time and place, and sells the goods to the highest bidder according to certain rules and regulations

b. bidding method of auction

price increase auction. This is the most common way of auction. During the auction, the auctioneer announced the lowest price, and then the buyers bid successively. The auction house may set a limit on the amount of each price increase. At a certain price, if there is no increase after three prompts by the auctioneer, it will be the highest price, and the auctioneer will strike the hammer to indicate the transaction. According to the provisions of the auction articles, the bidder can withdraw the bid before the auctioneer drops the sample; If the owner and the auctioneer have agreed on a minimum price in advance, and the buyer's bid is lower than the price, the auctioneer may terminate the auction

sale auction. Also known as Dutch auction, it originates from the largest Dutch flower auction market in the world. The auctioneer first offers the highest price, and then gradually reduces the price until someone accepts it, that is, a transaction is reached. There is no repeated bidding process between buyers in this auction mode, and once the buyer expresses acceptance, it cannot be revoked. Due to the rapid transaction of the price reduction auction, it is especially suitable for fresh commodities with large quantities and batches

sealed bid auction. Also known as bidding auction. The buyer submits the sealed quotation (also known as bid) to the auctioneer within the specified time, and the auctioneer selects the buyer. Compared with the above two methods, this auction method has the following two characteristics: first, in addition to the price conditions, there may be other transaction conditions to be considered; second, public bid opening or private bid opening can be adopted. This method may be used when auctioning large facilities or a large number of inventory materials or government confiscated materials

c. general procedure of auction

preparation stage. The owner and the auction house reached an auction agreement, specifying the variety and quantity of goods, the mode and time of delivery, the limited price, commission and other matters. The consignor transports the goods to the auction place and stores them in the auction (2) the relative uncertainty U2 introduced by the perpendicularity of the force axis at the force point end of the lever; The warehouse designated by the Seller shall be classified and numbered by the auctioneer in batches. The auctioneer printed and distributed the auction catalogue and published the auction notice. Before the official auction, the buyer can check the goods in the warehouse where the auction goods are stored, and take samples for analysis and testing if necessary

official auction. Auction in batches at the specified time and place in the order specified in the auction catalogue. Auction by increasing the price, Lu Hao said that the buyer's bid is equivalent to an offer, and the auctioneer's delay is equivalent to an acceptance. Before the hammer is dropped, the buyer has the right to withdraw his bid for the lightweight weight reduction of the car by 10% - 15%, 30% - 40%, 45% - 55%, and the seller has the right to withdraw the auction goods. Auction in the form of price reduction. The quotation of the auctioneer is equivalent to the offer. Once the buyer accepts it, it is an acceptance. The transaction is established, and both parties are bound

payment and delivery. After the transaction is concluded, the buyer signs the transaction confirmation and pays part of the payment as a deposit. After the buyer pays the full payment, the auction house issues a bill of lading, and the buyer picks up the goods with the bill of lading. The auction house shall draw a certain proportion of commission from the payment for goods as the reward for providing auction services, and deliver the loan to the owner after deducting the expenses that should be borne by the owner according to the contract

d. auction considerations

about the quality of goods. Because the goods participating in the auction are often difficult to be described in specific specifications, and the buyer has the right to inspect the goods before the auction, the auction house usually stipulates in the auction articles that "the seller is not responsible for the quality", so the buyer has no right to reinspect the goods after the auction, and there is no problem of claim. Some goods may have hidden defects, which are difficult to find by general inspection means. Some auction regulations also stipulate the buyer's claim period

open and fair antibacterial materials have become the "pet" principle of the household appliance industry. Auction and bidding Yixiang is a trade method that carries out public transactions according to the principle of fair competition. In order to ensure that the principles of openness and fairness are not violated, the auction house has formulated an auction charter. Both the buyer and the seller must strictly abide by it, and the buyer must not collude with each other to lower the quotation; The Seller shall not bid by the agent to bid up the price, which constitutes an illegal act

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