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The International Subcontracting Exhibition opened today. Chongqing will lead the Western subcontracting industry

April 20 this morning, the 2010 China International Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition (Subcon China2010) kicked off in Chongqing Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted many well-known enterprises from the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany and other places to participate. More than 200 international buyers and more than 800 Chinese suppliers attended the exhibition. The purchase amount will exceed 100 million US dollars. Chongqing is expected to become the core city of subcontracting industry in the western region

Zhejiang architectural science design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. 3. You Jinqiu, a senior engineer, analyzed the pressure test and said that as a traditional manufacturing base in China, Chongqing has a good industrial foundation and outstanding regional advantages in machining, casting and forging. In particular, the development of the automobile and motorcycle industry is relatively concentrated and has been very mature, and the related supporting industries have developed, forming a cluster of suppliers of motorcycles and auto parts. Among these suppliers, there are many excellent motorcycle and auto parts manufacturing enterprises and related supporting enterprises, such as Chongqing Akita Gear Co., Ltd., which has gradually grown into the world's largest small and medium module gear production base. Coupled with the favor of major auto and motorcycle manufacturers such as China National ordnance industry group, Chongqing TieMa industry group and Guangdong great Yangtze River group, the motorcycle and automobile supporting industries that attach importance to this research achievement are also at the leading level in the world. Qing has occupied half of the country, becoming the capital to attract investment and Industrial Subcontracting from overseas enterprises, and also accumulating more Industrial Subcontracting customer resources for Subcon China

as the host city of the Subcon China2010, more and more industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises have gradually entered the international procurement system. Many international famous enterprises of American AIAG, Chrysler, Ford and Bosch have achieved trade docking with Chongqing enterprises in the Subcontracting Exhibition. In addition to the traditional industrial subcontracting orders in previous years, a large number of new projects have appeared in the procurement information this year. The subcontracting demand for textile machinery and mining machinery and equipment is very strong, and the machining, casting and forging supply system centered in Chongqing and radiating Zunyi, Guizhou, Deyang, Sichuan and other regions can well meet the subcontracting demand for box casting, precision shaft processing, large-scale forging and sheet metal processing. With the steady improvement of China's manufacturing capacity in the world's industrial structure, Chongqing and even the entire western region will have a huge development space in the field of Industrial Subcontracting

Li Jianchun of the Municipal Foreign Economic Commission believes that with the successful holding of Subcon China2010 Huaibei City to promote the development of ceramic aluminum new material industry, more enterprises from all over the world will enter Chongqing and pay attention to Chongqing. Chongqing is striving to build an inland open highland. The international development of small and medium-sized enterprises will become an important part of the construction of the inland open highland. At the same time, there will be a number of measures to promote the international operation of small and medium-sized enterprises and drive the sustained and rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises and even the city's economy

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