The most popular PS market in South China is still

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The overall PS market in South China is still overwhelmed

the continuously depressed and falling PS price in South China can only fall slightly again in recent two weeks under the influence of the further deterioration of the East China market. Last week, all ps factories reduced the price by 100 yuan/T, but the price reduction did not significantly stimulate the market demand. The market quotation GPPS I can measure the tensile strength and plastic properties of the material through the tensile test is generally 5850-5900 yuan/T

At present, the ex factory price of marine GPPS is 6000-6050 yuan/T, and that of other factories is 580 yuan/T. however, if the actual shipment volume is large, the price can be reduced by 50-100 yuan/T. The ex factory price of Shantou ocean hips is 6200 yuan/T after each experiment, and that of Guangzhou Petrochemical hips85 is 6200 yuan/T. As the market price and demand in Fujian are still further lower, the number of PS from East Guangdong entering the Fujian market is reduced again, while the overall PS inventory in East Guangdong is still large, forcing the price to be reduced slightly

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