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Another province forbids high VOC solvent based coatings? Zhejiang vigorously implements the "ten hundred thousand" project

another province forbids high VOC solvent based coatings? Zhejiang vigorously implements the "ten hundred thousand" project August 10, 2018

[China paint information] recently, in order to resolutely win the blue sky defense war and accelerate the improvement of ambient air quality, Zhejiang Province issued the three-year action plan for Zhejiang Province to win the blue sky Defense War (Draft for public comments). (hereinafter referred to as "action plan"). The action plan mentioned specific requirements for vigorously implementing the "ten hundred thousand" project and deepening industrial waste gas treatment

according to the action plan, by 2020, the average concentration of PM2.5 in cities divided into districts in the province will strive to reach 35 micrograms/cubic meter, the ratio of days with excellent air quality will reach 82.6%, and the ratio of days with severe and above pollution will drop by more than 25% compared with 2015; The total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides decreased by more than 17% compared with 2015; Odor in key areas has been basically eliminated, 60% of cities above the county level have built clean air demonstration areas, and the number of repeated gas related complaints has decreased by 30% compared with 2017

the action plan calls for accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity and adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure. Optimize industrial layout. We will speed up the relocation, transformation, closure and exit of heavily polluting enterprises in urban built-up areas, and promote the implementation of relocation projects for a number of heavily polluting enterprises such as cement, flat glass, chemical industry and coking, according to Zhang Jianping, Secretary of the Party committee of Meilan group. It is forbidden to add new chemical parks. 4. The vibration of the pressure blasting testing machine during transportation may cause the connection of various pipelines or valves to become loose, so as to strengthen the renovation of the existing chemical parks. For enterprises that have already been determined to leave the city, the time schedule shall be made clear, and those that do not leave the city within the time limit shall be shut down

comprehensively renovate "scattered pollution" enterprises. Comprehensively carry out the comprehensive renovation of "scattered pollution" enterprises and clusters. In 2018, we will complete the task of cleaning up and rectifying more than 5000 "scattered pollution" enterprises involved in the emission of volatile organic compounds; The remediation task will be basically completed in 2019

according to the action plan, vigorously implement the "ten hundred thousand" project and deepen industrial waste gas treatment

a.10 key industries: comprehensively promote waste gas treatment in key industries; Focusing on 10 industries, including petrochemical, chemical, industrial coating, synthetic leather, textile printing and dyeing, rubber and plastic products, packaging and printing, steel, cement and glass, we will comprehensively promote the treatment of volatile organic compounds and the clean emission of industrial waste gas

b.100 key industrial parks: comprehensively promote waste gas treatment in industrial parks; With 100 key industrial parks as the starting point, comprehensively promote the waste gas treatment of various industrial parks. All localities should prepare special treatment plans for waste gas in industrial parks, carry out investigation of air pollution sources, establish a list of gas-related emission enterprises, clarify specific treatment requirements and key treatment projects, and implement "standardized" management

c.1000 key industrial waste gas treatment projects: according to the emission of air pollutants and the level of pollution control, we will comprehensively promote the waste gas pollution control of industrial enterprises by completing 1000 key industrial waste gas treatment projects every year, and establish and improve the system of "one factory, one policy and one file"

in addition, promoting the circular transformation, standardized development and quality improvement of various parks will occasionally crush the guide wheel and increase efficiency. Improve the central heating facilities in the park and actively promote central heating. Where conditions permit, a centralized spraying Engineering Center will be built in the industrial agglomeration area, equipped with efficient pollution control facilities to replace the independent spraying process of enterprises

the action plan proposes that with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, major special actions will be implemented to significantly reduce pollutant emissions. Implement the special rectification plan for volatile organic compounds. Strictly implement the work plan of Zhejiang Province on deepening the treatment and emission reduction of volatile organic compounds (2017-2020), prepare technical guidelines for the treatment of volatile organic compounds, implement the comprehensive treatment of key volatile organic compounds industries and oil storage, transportation and marketing, and carry out in-depth leak detection and repair. It is prohibited to construct, produce and use solvent based coatings, inks, adhesives and other projects with high volatile organic content. Carry out special law enforcement actions for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) remediation, severely crack down on illegal pollution discharge, publish the list of governance units with poor governance effect, weak technical service capacity and low operation and management level, implement joint punishment, and support the cultivation of large-scale leading enterprises for VOCs governance and service specialization. In 2020, the total emission of volatile organic compounds in the province will decrease by 20% compared with 2015, and that of key industries will decrease by more than 30%

promote odor control in key areas. Strengthen the control of industrial odor. All localities have comprehensively carried out the investigation of odor sources, and organized the implementation of industrial odor control. Enterprises involved in odor and peculiar smell shall achieve "full sealing" of production process and "full capping" of sewage treatment facilities, build a "full collection" system of odor and peculiar smell, improve the collection rate of odor and waste gas, adopt efficient treatment technology to achieve "full treatment" of odor and peculiar smell, and significantly reduce the discharge of industrial odor and peculiar smell

according to the action plan, strengthen regional joint prevention and control to effectively control the heavily polluted weather. Consolidate emergency emission reduction measures. Revise the emergency plan for heavily polluted weather and increase the proportion of pollutant emission reduction in the emergency plan. In principle, the proportion of yellow, orange and red emission reduction shall not be less than 10%, 20% and 30% respectively. Refine the emergency emission reduction measures, implement them in all process links of the enterprise, and implement the inventory management of "one plant, one policy". During the warning period of yellow and above heavy pollution weather, implement emergency transportation response for key vehicle enterprises involved in the transportation of bulk materials, such as steel, building materials, coking, nonferrous metals, chemicals, mines, etc

implement peak shifting production in key industries in autumn and winter. We will strengthen the production regulation of industrial enterprises in autumn and winter, and formulate peak shifting production plans and implement differentiated management for high emission industries such as iron and steel, building materials, coking, casting, nonferrous metals and chemical industry. The peak shift production plan shall be detailed to the enterprise production line, process and equipment, and the pollutant discharge permit shall be loaded. If the enterprise fails to complete the task of treatment and transformation on schedule, it shall be included in the local peak shifting production plan and shut down. For those restricted by the catalogue for the guidance of industrial structure adjustment, the proportion of peak load shifting and production limit shall be increased or the production shall be stopped

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