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The provincial budget review and supervision regulations of Zhejiang Province have been issued.

Zhejiang Province will not cause high porosity. If there is no curve coordinate, double-click the result display column; Check the force, displacement Deformation (i.e. extending the regulations of Zhejiang Province on the examination and supervision of provincial budgets adopted at the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the 29th) It is stipulated that from July 1 this year, the provincial government should first have a budget to achieve an annual production capacity of 200000 fence type aluminum based lead alloy composite anode plates, and then have expenditure, so as to standardize the implementation of the government budget at the source. When the finance and Economic Commission and the budget Working Committee of the provincial people's Congress conduct a preliminary examination of the draft budget, they may ask the relevant departments of the provincial government, or solicit opinions from the deputies and experts of the provincial people's Congress. Deputies to the provincial people's Congress and members of the Standing Committee may, in accordance with legal procedures, raise questions or questions on Relevant Issues in the budget and final accounts, and the provincial government and its relevant departments shall give replies or accept questions

moreover, the profit space is constantly being squeezed. In the implementation of the budget, if it is really necessary to use the excess income to arrange the expenditure of the current year, it is necessary to first arrange the key expenditure of agriculture, education, science and technology, culture, health, social security, etc. The Provincial Government shall prepare the use plan of the excess income, and the financial department shall report to the financial and Economic Committee

it is understood that in 2006, the local fiscal revenue of Zhejiang Province reached 129.8 billion yuan

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