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Since this year, many users have been impressed by a series of new products called propylene butadiene random copolymer produced by Shanghai Petrochemical. This product recently won the first prize of Sinopec's 2012 scientific and technological development achievement. The high gold content of the product is its magic weapon to win the market

random copolymerization products of propylene and butadiene mainly meet the needs of upgrading food packaging materials. Taking advantage of decades of scientific research advantages in plastic production, Shanghai Petrochemical actively cooperates with scientific research institutions to carry out basic theoretical research on propylene butadiene random copolymerization. Using the original industrial device for producing ternary copolymerization products, we not only want to avoid this one cut of industrial devices that produce regular copolymerization products, but also start the industrial development of new products

two years ago, the new product of random copolymerization of propylene and butadiene with the brand of m850b was successfully launched. On this basis, researchers have successively developed several new grades of propylene butadiene copolymerization to realize the serialization of propylene butadiene random copolymerization products. At the same time, they continue to tackle key problems, optimize equipment conditions and process parameters, and greatly reduce the unit consumption of product production by vigorously implementing the catch-up strategy. The economy undoubtedly provides a strong driving force for the development of all industries, and the benefits are increasingly apparent

on the basis of last year's output of 15000 tons, Shanghai Petrochemical has optimized the production plan 3 and query efficiency plan. This year's output has reached 25000 tons

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