The most popular PS market in Wenzhou has improved

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The price of PS market in Wenzhou has improved

the latest news is that after a period of time, businesses are competing to sell after-sales products. In addition, there are few new goods to supplement the market in recent stages, and the local intermediate plate inventory has decreased significantly; Since the 15th, the market has found that the current currency is very limited and began to raise the price, and the transaction also showed a partial recovery in stages. On September 16, the commodity trade is also an indispensable test instrument in the machinery industry. The quotation of sg-23/23q from the dealer was about 13600 yuan/ton, and the market price of Chevron's modified benzene sub brand material was about 14000 yuan/ton. Most of other brands are expected to show that such an appearance is not that there are relatively few skill query resources

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