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The bedroom is one third of a person's life to stay, and the quality of this third of the time depends on the decoration of the bedroom

the bedroom is one-third of a person's life, and the quality of this third of the time depends on the decoration of the bedroom. Today, let's talk about what we need to pay attention to when designing the key space of "bedroom"

wallpaper and wallpaper are laid on the background wall at the head of the bed, and other walls are painted with light color wall paint. With modern soft clothing, a simple and generous bedroom space is arranged. The design of high-grade gray is also very suitable for modern wind bedroom. The bedroom space dominated by gray and white, coupled with some black furniture, can create a relaxed and comfortable feeling

the wallpaper at the head of the bed can choose creative styles, such as geometric graphics, which can extend the visual sense of the bedroom space. Peacock blue curtains and bedding also make the bedroom more delicate. The lighting layout of small bedroom is also very important. In addition to the main light, you can consider adding some downlights and bedside lights to make it convenient to lie on the bed and read against the bedside backrest at ordinary times. You can choose to combine the desk with the dressing table to avoid having no place to put on makeup. There is a floating window in the bedroom, which should be used well. It is changed into a storage cabinet with a cushion, which is both practical and beautiful

for small family bedrooms, storage is also the top priority. You can choose to widen the backrest at the head of the bed to place some green plants, decorative paintings and books. You can also make an embedded cabinet design, use the space in the wall for storage, and turn it into a display rack after adding hidden light. Such a modern style bedroom is more atmospheric and fashionable

bedroom is our private place, so we all want our bedroom to be warm, grand and exquisite; The whole house customization can be solved perfectly. If you also want a delicate modern bedroom, you can contact us




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