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Nowadays, buying wardrobe should not only be beautiful and practical, but also environmental protection has gradually become the focus of attention. Environmental protection wardrobe has become a consumption trend. But now there are all kinds of brands in the wardrobe Market. The gorgeous advertising language of merchants and the endless means of discounts make consumers dazzling. What kind of material can a wardrobe be called environmentally friendly? What should we pay attention to when buying an environmentally friendly wardrobe? What kind of wardrobe board can be called environmental protection board? Wardrobe joined Deville

environmental protection material for wardrobe

1 plywood

after steaming, boiling and softening the log, spin it into thin pieces along the direction of the growth ring, add glue, and use three or more odd veneers, vertically and horizontally cross glued and hot pressed

advantages: the surface is natural and beautiful, and the beautiful patterns of natural wood are retained. Generally, there is no need to stick other veneering materials when using it. As long as it is painted with paint, it can obtain a good appearance. It has good strength and toughness, strong nail holding force, easy processing and insulation, and can make up for some natural defects of natural wood

2 large core board

has small density, small deformation, high strength and good dimensional stability, so it is widely used. The middle wood strips are generally made of poplar, Tung wood, Chinese fir, white pine, etc. High quality products are flat and smooth, without degumming, sanding, indentation, small thickness deviation, and no obvious hollow core after sawing

advantages: strong quality, sound absorption and heat insulation

3 high density fiberboard

excellent weakness performance, uniform material, no dehydration problem. The performance of MDF is close to that of natural wood, but it has no defects of natural wood. The internal structure is not easy to warp, crack and deform, which is suitable for all kinds of machining. The surface is flat and smooth, the material is fine, the edge is firm, and it is easy to shape, so as to avoid decay, moth and other problems. High bending strength and impact strength. Density board can be carved and other special shapes

4 particleboard

it is a board made of waste materials from wood cutting and processing or shavings of other plants, added with rubber or other auxiliary materials. According to the pressing method, it can be divided into extruded particleboard and flat pressed particleboard

advantages: it has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. It can be used as sound-absorbing building components such as sound insulation wall panels and doors. The expansion rate of the plate is low, and the thickness error of the plate is small

misunderstanding of environmental protection

myth 1: qualified building materials are harmless

experts pointed out that the so-called standard products refer to products with harmful substances within the limits of national standards, and the harmful substances released by them can be borne by the human body. In other words, none of the main building materials, including plates, stones, paints, coatings and cement, is harmless. The difference is only the amount of harmful substances

although the building materials used sometimes meet the standard, the indoor air harmful substances are likely to exceed the standard after decoration. Because harmful substances have superposition effect

Myth 2: excessive trust in product test reports

professionals said: at present, the test reports of many building materials products in the market are not reliable. First of all, many test samples are submitted for inspection. Merchants can send samples with good quality * for inspection, so as to obtain good results. Secondly, the test reports are time sensitive and targeted at a certain batch of products. But in real life, some famous hard brands can still be trusted

myth 3: when buying building materials, we must buy "green"

many smart consumers recognize the concept of "green" when purchasing building materials and furniture, and feel relieved only in this way. Although people regard "green" so highly, what kind of building materials are green? Not only consumers, but also many businesses promoting "green" products cannot answer

myth 4: harmful substances in building materials can hurt people

this idea of many consumers is biased. As long as the harmful substances in the decorative materials are sealed in the materials and do not emit into the indoor air, they will generally not cause harm to the human body

therefore, Xiaobian reminds consumers that they should pay attention to the release of harmful substances in decorative materials in the air. Good indoor ventilation conditions can take away harmful substances and reduce harm to human body

precautions for purchasing environmental protection wardrobe

first, select furniture malls with high reputation or good after-sales service. Try to choose solid wood furniture. If you choose composite board and plywood furniture, you should choose products of well-known brands

second, ask the shopping guide whether there are test results from the quality supervision department, especially the formaldehyde test results

III. when shopping for a wardrobe, open the door to smell whether there is a pungent smell. Furniture covered with thin wood and other materials should be tight and flat, and no glue penetration or degumming is allowed. The paint film on the surface of the wardrobe should be flat and bright, and the interior of the product and other parts that are not painted should be kept clean

IV. be sure to keep the instructions or invoices for use in case of disputes

v. if the wardrobe is harmful to your body during use, you should complain to the quality and technical supervision department in time

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