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Originally, it was only 7 Liang, but it weighed 1 jin. In Chengdu dialect, it is commonly known as burning scales. Surprisingly, this behavior of burning scales has also spread to the ruler used by the home decoration industry to measure the area. Just like in the movie crazy stone, Mike the thief is going to use a rope to steal the treasure from the sky. He originally calculated the size to buy a rope. Unexpectedly, when the treasure is close at hand, the rope is short, and he curses: profiteer

recently, Ms. Dai, a citizen, encountered such burning ruler when decorating her house: when installing the balcony plastic steel window, the actual area was 22.29 square meters, and after being burned, it became 26.44 square meters. She nearly paid 1200 yuan more for this

according to insiders, the decorator of Ms. Dai's home used a non ruler commonly known in the industry &mdash& mdash;& mdash; Using such a tape measure, one meter of energy can produce 1.1 meters. Yesterday, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily made an unannounced visit to Wukuaishi hardware wholesale market and found that such a non scale did exist, and the price was as high as 70 or 80 yuan; The reason why the price is more than ten times higher than the price of a tape measure with a regular scale is that in the home decoration building materials with an inch of land and an inch of gold, the extra 0.1 meter per meter of the non ruler can bring a lot of profits to bad businesses &hellip& hellip;

◆ how can the 22 square meter balcony measure 4 square meters more? yesterday morning, Ms. Dai, a citizen, called the hotline and told about the strange things she encountered when decorating her house &mdash& mdash;& mdash; A balcony of the same size measured with different tape measures will have an area of about 4 square meters

Ms. Dai said that after the house was delivered last October, she began to prepare to decorate the house. Instead of choosing a decoration company, she hired a decoration team by herself. A few days ago, the house was almost decorated. She found a master who sealed the balcony outside the community, and measured the balcony area at home. The two sides negotiated to settle at the price of 280 yuan per square meter

when the balcony was sealed, I went with the master. I watched him pull a tape measure and there was no problem in the whole process. After measuring the length, width and height, it is calculated that the area of the balcony should be sealed is 26.44 square meters. According to the price of 280 yuan/square meter, it will cost 7400 yuan. Ms. Dai said that she felt no problem at that time and was ready to pay a deposit the next day to let the master work

just that day, the neighbors of the same apartment downstairs were also decorating. Ms. Dai had an extra heart. She went downstairs and asked the neighbor how much it cost to seal the balcony. The other party's answer surprised him. The neighbor said that he also sealed it at 280 yuan per square meter, but his total price was only about 6200 yuan. Our house type is the same, the balcony is the same, and the unit price of sealed balcony is also the same. How can the total price differ so much




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