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The Mediterranean style decoration shows a warm and romantic atmosphere. This case is a 70 square meter romantic Mediterranean style wedding house decorated by 100000 female white-collar workers in the sun and moon landscape. The whole house has undergone five major changes, and the whole house is full of love! The creativity of the owner and the clever details of the designer are different from the Mediterranean style decoration in the general sense

owner's decoration file:

decoration community: Riyueshan decoration house type: 1 room and 1 hall decoration area: 70 square meters decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration cost: 100000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view] labor contracting method: half package

owner's original house type drawing

designer transformation highlights:

1 After entering the door, the right-hand storage room was removed. The reason: the kitchen is too small, and it is ready to be open

2. Seal the opening of the original bathroom door and make a card seat as the dining area. The reason: LG and I are not particular about eating; I love card seats; The bathroom door opens towards the kitchen, which is not conducive to health in Feng Shui

3. Make an office area on the south wall of the living room. The arched bookcase can accommodate the long desk where LG and I can use the computer together. Reason: LG and I often grab computers; LG and I are always stuck. When I watch TV, he can also work half heartedly

4. Storage space, make a row of cabinets 30cm deep on your right hand when entering the door. You can stuff some shoes, spring and summer clothes. Make a 60cm wide locker opposite the bedroom door, and you can also stuff some clothes and quilts. Reason: I have too many clothes and too many sundries

5. Because the kitchen is too small, the refrigerator has to be thrown to the right hand of the door, which can just be made into a beverage and fruit display area. We also have a garden. Reason: LG and I don't eat leftovers and basically clean them every day. The function of refrigerator in the future is more to refrigerate beverages

the design drawing of the house type after the transformation of the designer

the sunny living room

the quiet harbor, have a rest, and we will continue to sail





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