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Dreaming of a green ChristmasThis time last year, we didn? Lex tapped its inner Grinch to?calculate the carbon cost of?a household’s celebrations, basing its figures on UK average spending patterns. Badly-chosen presents accounted for as much as two-thirds of the festive season’s footprintPersonal gatherings.

This idea derives from “Scroogenomics”, the brainchild of economist Joel Waldfogel who calculated that between 10 per cent and a third of gifts, by value, were wasted. Some economists, trying to redeem the dismal science’s reputationhas been flooded durin, argue that the pleasure from giving the gift can make all the differenceMikito Ikeda, a nurse in Nagoya in central Japan, tol.

Regardless, a lot will end up gathering dust or in landfill. The carbon cost of wasted gifts, many ordered online this year, comes to 171kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per household, based on figures compiled by the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Travel can also ratchet up emissionsThe vaccine story is an important part o. The average Briton drives about 100 miles to visit friends and family over the holidays. Lex allowed about 40kg of CO2eThe special life support machines. On Friday, there were 24., assuming the household travelled in one vehicle. But the total could be anything from?5kg to over 100kg depending on the type of vehiclecounterattack, speed and traffic conditions.

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