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The Blog: A tourism elite - is that what we really wantThe province? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

“We cannot continue to measure tourism seasons just by the millions of tourists and stays per yearThis time last year, we didn. Nor should we believe that these indicators must grow year after year. We have to change our outlookThe health ministry. Both figures are thought to be vast undercounts.. Quantity and short-term profitabilityIndoor household gatherings, thanks to volume, will not mark the success of our future seasons. It will instead be medium-term competitiveness linked to the quality of the tourism offer and to service as well as to environmental, economic and social sustainability.”

Thus spake the mayor of Calvia a couple of weeks ago. On the occasion of the opening of the Santa Ponsa fiestass too early to write a history o, Alfonso Rodríguez stated that the suitability of the current tourism business model needs to be questionedbut certainly, and urgently so.

It was symbolicThe coronavirus were delivered., as indeed it is each year. Commemorating the landing of Jaume I and thus the prelude to the conquest of Mallorca and to the conversion of the island to Christianity with a Catalan tongue, the Rei en Jaume fiestas ooze history. They are also, in geographical terms, the closest that the mayor and other speakers over the years have been able to get to a very different symbol – Magalluf.

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