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Factors affecting the effect of oil-gas lubrication

1. Progressive distributor

the pressure oil from the air pump enters the progressive distributor first. The progressive distributor is the distribution device of lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil is forcibly discharged from each oil outlet in a regular and orderly manner. When the lubricant channel and lubrication pipeline inside the distributor fail, the function of the distributor will be affected. What is the oil and gas between the intermediate plates of the progressive distributor? The sealing form of the hole of 1.6 is O-ring. During assembly, if the assembly between pieces is too tight, it will cause? 1.6 diameter blockage. For example, impurities in the lubricant of Jinan gold assay experimental instrument will also block the oil and gas through hole and affect the function of the distributor. In particular, the performance of unit 2 and distributor 5 is the most obvious. The action of distributor 5 is relatively lagging, which affects the function of main distribution and makes the lubrication of all lubrication points fail to achieve good lubrication. We have adjusted distributor 5 in time to make the whole system return to normal. And the opening pressure adjustment value of the distributor will also affect the function of the distributor. The distributor far away from the pump station has a large oil pressure loss. The opening pressure adjustment value of the distributor should be smaller, and the adjustment value close to the pump station should be larger. Only in this way can the distributor distribute regularly and orderly. Therefore, we adjust the opening pressure adjustment value of the No. 5 distributor farthest from the pump station from 4MPa to 2MPa, Make the whole system work normally

2. Oil products

oil gas lubrication is quite different from oil mist. Oil mist lubrication is a mixture of oil and gas, and oil gas lubrication is the forward movement of pressure oil along the inner surface of the pipeline (that is, the oil is evenly distributed around the inner wall of the pipeline) driven by gas. Therefore, it is required that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is low and has good fluidity. No.2 oil-gas lubrication device began to add NO.320 gear oil with high viscosity. Due to the low temperature and poor lubrication effect, temporary measures were taken to turn on the automatic heater of the oil tank to make the oil temperature reach 50oc, which basically meets the lubrication requirements. However, due to its innovation and manufacturing, the total output value of China's wood plastic industry is expected to challenge 60billion yuan. Both the threshold and utilization level reflect the scientific and industrial level of a country, with high viscosity, poor fluidity, large pipeline pressure loss, and oil-gas lubrication can not play a good role in lubrication. Later, it was changed to 120 gear oil with low viscosity and good fluidity, which ensured the good lubrication of the friction pair

3. Oil and gas cleanliness

because the oil and gas path of the progressive distributor in the oil and gas lubrication system is Ф 1.6 if the oil and gas contain too many impurities, the progressive distributor will be blocked, affecting the normal operation of the entire oil-gas lubrication system. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be filtered regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, and the air filter must be cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the air and reduce moisture. If there is too much moisture in the air, the pipeline will be corroded, affecting the fluidity of the oil and increasing the pressure loss. If there are too many air impurities, the distributor will be blocked, so it is recommended to use nitrogen as the fixture on the experimental machine, which should be able to immediately align into a line as the working medium of oil-gas lubrication. In addition, ensure the oil supply volume of the oil atomizer (No. 32 mechanical oil), which is generally adjusted to drop a drop of oil every 5-10 times of operation of the pneumatic pump to ensure the lubrication of the pneumatic pump

4. Bearing bush oil groove

bearing bush oil groove should be evenly distributed around the inner wall of the bearing bush. In order to reduce oil and gas resistance, the bearing bush is not easy to be sealed, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of oil and gas, and is conducive to the lubrication of the bearing Bush

5. Compressed air pressure

40m3/min air compressor in steel plant, with working pressure of 0.3-0.6mpa, is mainly used for converter system bin opening and flame cutting machine. Due to the long pipeline and large pressure loss, the oil pressure can only reach 5MPa when it reaches the oil-gas lubrication device at 0.2-0.4mpa. Sometimes it only reaches 0.2MPa. The air pressure required by the system is 0.3-0.6mpa, so the air pressure cannot normally meet the technical requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to use nitrogen from the power plant to ensure both pressure and flow

6. Pipelines

oil and gas lubrication pipelines should adopt corrosion-resistant steel pipes and metal hoses with small surface adhesion, and the transmission pipeline should be installed straight, with as few bends as possible. Even if it is bent, the curvature radius of the pipe should be large, and right angle bends and U-shaped bends should be avoided to achieve the purpose of reducing pressure loss

up to now, No. 2 oil-gas lubrication has been used well, ensuring the lubrication of the equipment, which not only avoids the serious wear of the bearing bush, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers. It is hoped that with the use and popularization of oil-gas lubrication, the operation rate of the step cooling bed will be greatly improved to ensure the supply of 9m continuous casting billets and lay a solid equipment foundation for the smooth completion of the production tasks of the steel plant

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