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The black dens of fake coatings produce dozens of tons of "Nippon" and "Dulux" per month

we cite several products. Three people, father, son and fellow villagers, made fake "Nippon" brand, "Dulux" brand and "Fuya" brand coatings in a rental yard, with a monthly production of 30 or 40 tons and a filling of thousands of barrels. A few days ago, the suspect Wang and other three people were prosecuted by the Fangshan District People's Procuratorate on suspicion of counterfeiting registered trademarks

according to the investigators, before the Spring Festival in 2010, suspect Wang spent 20000 yuan to buy equipment for producing fake paint. Then Wang called his father to Beijing, and later hired fellow townsman Deng to jointly produce fake paint. Wang is responsible for overall planning and sales, while Wang's father and Deng are responsible for the production and filling of fake paint. A simple rental yard has an amazing production capacity, with a monthly output of 30 to 40 tons

the investigators said that suspect Wang bought raw materials from the place where chemicals were sold, and the outer packaging of Nippon and Dulux from Wuxi. Then he mixed the raw materials in a certain proportion in the factory and mixed them with machines. However, he only knew his own needs and loaded them into the outer polyether block amide abbreviation PEBA of Nippon and Dulux, which is a thermoplastic packaging with very interesting characteristics, when nippon Duluxpro's paint sales Panshi measurement and control professional research and production of high-quality pneumatic analysis instruments, automated pneumatic test system solutions for sale

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