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Fake "ancient elephant" paint swaggered through the market

fake "ancient elephant" paint swaggered through the market

March 29, 2005

paint is an essential building material for home decoration, but some illegal traders, in order to make huge profits, even sold inferior paint as famous brand products, which not only harmed the economic interests of consumers, but also because the organizer expected range of inferior paint will reach 500 hostages. Paint contains a large amount of toxic chemical ingredients, It also seriously damaged the health of consumers. Recently, when investigating a complaint from readers, it was found that these inferior paints pretending to be famous brands were sold publicly in the building materials market

decoration companies favor fake building materials

in the secret interview, it was found that some decoration companies are very "in favor" of fake building materials. In their words: if you don't buy fake low-cost building materials, the decoration project won't make money

on March 21, I saw more than 20 cans of fake "ancient elephant" paint sold in a building materials store near Hongdu building materials market. As a decorator, ask the shopkeeper about the price. The shopkeeper quoted "retail 28 yuan per group, and you can get a discount if you buy more". At this time, I noticed that at the door of the store, a small worker was busy loading goods into the human freight car. Out of curiosity, I went up to have a look, and found that there were more than 10 cans of "ancient elephant" paint in a large carton. I picked up a can from the carton and observed it carefully. I found that this can of "ancient elephant" paint was no different from the fake paint I bought a few days ago. After the small worker packed the goods and talked with them at will, he learned that the goods on the car were ordered by a decoration company and agreed to deliver them today. Q: "is the 'elephant' paint on the car the kind on the shelf?" He replied, "the same thing costs about 28 yuan per group." The small worker also revealed that their boss had a good relationship with the bosses of several decoration companies, who would buy building materials in their stores

why do decoration companies favor fake products so much? A small boss who specializes in home decoration has solved the mystery: the current home decoration industry is very competitive. In order to attract more customers, small-scale decoration companies often adopt low decoration prices to attract customers. However, the prices of some decoration building materials are relatively expensive, so some decoration companies like to buy fake famous brand building materials in small stores to deal with customers, such as fake paint, glue, paint, plate, cement, etc., which can reduce costs and earn profits

inferior paint on public sale

at the beginning of this month, Mr. Chen, a citizen, reported to: after the Spring Festival, he bought more than 10 groups of "Guxiang brand" polyester paint in a building materials store on Hongmei South Road for painting furniture. However, in the process of painting, Mr. Chen found that the paint was different and accompanied by a strong chemical smell, so he didn't pay much attention at that time, but he felt headache, flushed face and constant tears only a few minutes after painting the furniture. At the same time, he also found that the painted furniture had different colors, like a big painted face. At this time, he realized that there was a problem with the paint, which might be fake and shoddy products

according to the situation reported by Mr. Chen, we immediately made an open and covert investigation into the Hongdu building materials market on Hongmei South Road. The large prototype can be placed next to the base by the crane and stabilized by its own weight for impact resistance experiments. It was found that in some small building materials stores, fake famous brand building materials were sold. Next to Huatang garden, Jinglian Road, there is a building materials store that has just opened. As a decorator, it clearly requests to buy "Guxiang brand" polyester paint. A man who claimed to be the shopkeeper came forward and asked, "how many groups do you want to buy for 28 yuan?" He wanted to leave because he couldn't see the arrival. He immediately said that "you can pick up the goods in the warehouse as much as you want". He said he wanted to buy more than 20 groups, but the price was too expensive, and asked whether there was a cheaper paint. The boss said frankly at this time, "I have a group of 'ancient elephants' with about 20 yuan here, but it's fake products to make it clear to you." Immediately asked to see the goods, but was told that the goods were in the warehouse. At this time, the boss whispered that it was "March 15" these days, and the wind was too tight. If necessary, you can buy it again in a few days

after leaving this small store, we came to the Hongdu building materials market next to it. I found that some shopkeepers put fake "ancient elephant" paint at the door of the store without hesitation. Disguised as a foreman, he entered a building materials store and found that the paint here was cheaper than other stores, especially a 0.7kg "Guxiang" brand polyester paint, whose retail price was even cheaper than the ex factory price. The female shopkeeper told that the ex factory price of this batch of "ancient elephants" paint was more than 32 yuan, and now it can only be sold at a loss because of the need to withdraw funds. When asked whether it was real "ancient elephant" paint, she replied: it was definitely genuine

although the shopkeeper repeatedly claimed that the paint he sold was genuine, he still found many suspicious points: firstly, the paint was insufficient, and secondly, the manufacturer did not have an ex factory price of 32 yuan at all. In order to thoroughly find out whether these paints are counterfeit products, they paid for a group of paints for further inspection

On the 17th of this month, a group of 0.7kg "ancient elephant" paint purchased was brought to the production enterprise Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd. for assistance in identification. A Mr. Jin of the company told that at present, some illegal vendors have become more and more sophisticated in counterfeiting methods, and it is impossible to judge its authenticity from the packaging. Looking carefully at the outer package, I found that the outer package of this barrel of paint is exactly the same as the real "ancient elephant" paint. The factory date and the unique "ancient elephant" logo are all available. Not to mention that ordinary citizens can't judge whether this is a fake product, even the real paint production professionals can't judge the authenticity for a while

but fake products are not real after all. Mr. Jin only opened this group of paint and found that the original clear and transparent curing agent looked like soy sauce, and the "fake ancient elephant" immediately showed its original shape. "This is obviously fake inferior paint." Mr. Jin told, "fake paint is not only in short supply, but also its TDI content seriously exceeds the national standard, which brings great harm to the physical and mental health of construction workers and new house decoration citizens." He also introduced the identification method of true and false paint: the real "Guxiang" brand polyester paint not only has uniform color, but also its TDI content will not exceed 0.5%, while the TDI content of fake inferior paint is generally more than 5%

Mr. Jin said that the company would immediately start an investigation. If it is true that there is a sale of fake "ancient elephant" paint on the market, they would work with law enforcement departments to crack down. At the same time, he also told that some illegal vendors who make and sell fake goods are very cunning. They usually put a few barrels of fake products in the store. Once they are found, in order to find a simpler and reliable force measurement method, the economic losses will be "paid" by the counterfeiters

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tdi, which is the abbreviation of toluene diisocyanate, is one of the commonly used polyisocyanates, which are polyurethane (PU) materials and important basic raw materials. The most commonly used TDI in the polyurethane industry is a mixture of 2,4-TDI isomers, which is mainly used to produce soft polyurethane foam and polyurethane elastomers, coatings, adhesives, etc

main harm of TDI: in order to judge and analyze the product failure and failure mode during or after the experiment, TDI components mainly exist in the paint. Free TDI beyond the standard will cause harm to human body, mainly sensitization and irritation, and there will be eye pain, tears, conjunctival congestion, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, asthma, red papules, contact allergic dermatitis and other symptoms. The international limit standard for free TDI is less than 0.5 ‰

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