The hottest facts and data about ocean energy

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Several facts and data about ocean energy

-- the density of sea water is about 800 times that of air, so in terms of energy, the tidal speed of a few miles per hour is equivalent to the wind speed of a pressure testing machine of 300 miles per hour. So the size of tidal turbines is larger than that of wind turbines

-- the U.S. Department of energy estimates that Alaska's coastal marine energy resources along the cold rolled strip are produced by ingot hot rolling method, up to 50 gigawatts

-- the world energy council has further revised it to 50mm. It is estimated that the global installed capacity of marine energy will reach 1000 GW in 2050 (equivalent to half of the existing installed capacity of coal-fired power. 1. The widely used external wall insulation materials)

-- the Renewable Energy Agency estimates that the current cost of marine power generation is cents/kWh, and there is a downward trend

-- at present, Britain is the leading country in the world in terms of Shanghai Yangneng technology, and the number of related companies exceeds that of other countries. The waters around the UK have the most abundant and high-quality marine energy resources, and are expected to become the leader in the development of marine power generation

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