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After experiencing "tuyere" and "foam", AI has gone from single point breakthrough to alliance era

original title: after experiencing "tuyere" and "foam", AI has gone from single point breakthrough to alliance era. On the hot land of investment and entrepreneurship, AI has both

original title: after experiencing "tuyere" and "foam", AI has gone from single point breakthrough to alliance era

on the hot land of investment and entrepreneurship, AI, There are not only industry "veterans" who have studied the industry for more than a decade, but also start-ups that have emerged in recent years. At the recently held "venture state 100 future leaders summit and 2018 venture state annual meeting", the heated debate on artificial intelligence has also been raised (3) installation and use; There were bursts of heat waves

the daily economy notes that in the eyes of many entrepreneurs and investors, AI has gone through the previous "foam period" and entered the "precipitation period" in the past two years, and its application will gradually move from a single point breakthrough to the era of industrial alliance

the artificial intelligence C-end market has been criticized as "the cow that should be boasted has been blown out", and it is difficult to make major breakthroughs and innovations in the next five years. According to Huang Wei, the founder of Beijing yunzhisheng Technology Co., Ltd., the next decade of AI will be the golden age of Tob, and AI enterprises should focus on high-quality landing products

ai enterprises work together to achieve industrialization.

long before the wave of AI was lifted, Cao Lingxiao, general manager of chuangteng technology, began to provide an information platform for the manufacturing, chemical and petroleum materials industries, and began to study AI technology. In Cao Lingxiao's view, the current changes in the manufacturing industry also urgently need to inject AI innovation elements into products

although artificial intelligence is classified into the category of new economy, entrepreneurs in this field still believe that "enduring loneliness and temptation" is the hard core to promote the progress of the industry. Long Mengzhu, CMO of spichi, mentioned that he and his partners established the AI platform in the UK in 2007, but at that time, there were not many people at home and abroad who knew about AI, so it was particularly difficult to recruit and retain people. Until 2014 and 2015, industry talents began to surge. The continuous updating of competitors and the acceleration of the implementation of commercial applications will make old entrepreneurs face great temptation. It has always been a question to think about whether they need to stick to technology or re build C-end products

"when the company was just established, no matter we met investors or customers, we needed to tell investors and customers what artificial intelligence is, what we can do, and what the founding team has done with artificial intelligence. Until today, when we meet investors or customers, we are more concerned about what value the remnant samples of the experimental samples sent through the escort belt." Tianfeng, co-founder of the fourth paradigm, said

as a veteran who has practiced in the AI field for five years, Chen Zhen, the founder and CEO of speedsense technology, has a deep feeling about the changes in the industry: "this year, almost all AI companies are fighting for the landing of industrialization, and they all hope to obtain more user bases and more industrialization and marketization results in their own segments."

c-end market "the cow that should be boasted has been blown out"

at the same time, the finalization of many applications has also promoted the reform of artificial intelligence. The argument for this stage has no longer stayed in "strong artificial intelligence" or "weak artificial intelligence". The platformization and alliance of AI is becoming the direction of joint efforts of practitioners

long Mengzhu mentioned that no matter how good AI is at this stage, it is still the era of single point intelligence. In the next five years, the combination of different technologies can make higher-end overall intelligence, and AI will also move towards the era of alliance

in fact, the above feelings of practitioners are closely related to the characteristics of AI itself. Long Mengzhu mentioned that if we only discuss artificial intelligence without pre scenes, all conclusions are meaningless. It is difficult to say that the future competition and cooperation relationship is one of China's 16 major science and technology projects, so we should constantly broaden the AI boundary

"in the past two to three years, the imagination of C-end consumers on artificial intelligence has blown out the cow that should be boasted. In the next five years, C-end artificial intelligence will not have a particularly big breakthrough and innovation, but more is the industrial alliance." In Chen Zhen's view, platform based and alliance based AI also stems from industry changes. The next five years will see AI applications and technologies connect the backward, backward and backward devices in the past industry to the cloud

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