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Post exhibition report: industrial integration has led Hannover Industrial Expo to a new height

Hannover, Germany. The five-day world's top industrial technology exhibition 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo ended on Friday, April 17. The exhibition not only showed the achievements of industrial innovation, but also built a platform for the exchange and friendship of enterprises in the industry and the development of potential customers, and received overwhelming praise from exhibitors and visitors. The 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo with the theme of industrial integration joining the network family has reached a new height, which has greatly inspired exhibitors and participants from industry, business and politics. This exhibition paid special attention to current hot topics such as digital manufacturing, man-machine cooperation, innovative subcontracting solutions and intelligent energy systems. More than 220000 visitors (including 70000 visitors from countries outside Germany) learned about the latest technology and made important investment decisions through the platform of Hannover Industrial Expo

2015 Hannover Industrial Expo clearly shows that the era of industry 4.0 has arrived and is sweeping every industrial field. Digital integration is becoming an important part of modern manufacturing, and this trend is bound to advance rapidly. Dr. Jochen K ckler, a member of the board of directors of Hannover exhibition company in Germany, said that in the past few days, about 6500 enterprises from 70 countries have shown the future production equipment and energy systems. As a partner country this year, India is particularly eye-catching. Its impressive display has deepened people's understanding of made in India. Dr. K ckler added

under the theme of industrial integration joining the network family, the 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo has made people truly feel what a smart factory is. In the future factory, the seamless exchange of information between machines and products will be realized, so as to achieve the best results and efficiency. Dr. K ckler said that the 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo has proved that industry 4.0 is not only an encouraging buzzword, but also has been realized by relying on the existing large-scale coal industrial base. The smart factory solution shown on site will be directly applied to customers' factories for the first time. Robots are also a highlight of the exhibition: their agile speed, ultra-high accuracy and amazing power have attracted a large number of visitors. In addition, the 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo also showed a new trend in the field of robots, that is, robots are no longer separated from humans by protective barriers, but stand next to human colleagues like an active team partner to deal with boring and laborious work instead of them. Robots are no longer restricted in their actions. They can now directly assist the production team, Dr. K ckler said

and integration is no longer limited to simple production operations. The energy system has also rapidly become intelligent, prompting it to change to a renewable form of energy. More and more distributed generators, including wind power generation, solar power generation, hydropower generation and biogas power generation, are combining to generate electricity. The groundbreaking solutions presented by many exhibitors in the energy field at the Hannover Industrial Expo can solve the challenge of how to integrate these forms of power generation into a smart electricity and distribute electricity reasonably to users. Dr. K ckler said

globally, there has been a heated debate about whether Germany is not only a leading industrial power, but also a pioneer of industry 4.0. The data of this exhibition is enough to draw a clear answer. K C computer should be placed in a dry and ventilated room, Dr. kler said. Among the more than 220000 visitors to Hannover, 70000 overseas visitors broke the previous record. From employees of small and medium-sized enterprises to the CEO of industrial giant Foxconn, they all need the power of electromechanical$ F goes to Hannover to look for products with higher integration, faster speed and stronger personalization. This shows that they are all looking for solutions: cutting-edge technology, that is, industry 4.0 technology. And they know that Germany has already embarked on the road of industry 4.0, which is why they came to Hannover Industrial Expo to learn about relevant expertise. Dr. K ckler added

as a partner country of this year's Hannover Industrial Expo, India perfectly explained his confidence and refreshing innovation to the audience. India has successfully built itself into an enterprising industrial power: more than 400 Indian enterprises participated in the exhibition to display their products and services. India's goal is to encourage foreign enterprises to set up branches in India and promote closer cooperation between Indian enterprises and German industrial enterprises. India made full use of the opportunity as a partner country, and its display in Hannover left a deep impression on everyone. It sets a new standard for the partner countries of Hannover Industrial Expo, Dr. K ckler said

in the words of Anupam Shah, chairman of the engineering Export Promotion Association of India (eEPC): India has achieved great success in all aspects at the 2015 Hannover Industrial Expo. Taking advantage of the opportunity of being a partner country of one of the world's largest industrial exhibitions, and under the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra modi and Minister of industry and Commerce shrimati Nirmala sitharaman, Indian enterprises were able to show their technology, engineering capabilities and human resources in front of global audiences. As an organization that organizes 350 Indian enterprises of different sizes to come to Hanover to show their enterprise strength, the Indian engineering Export Promotion Association is very proud of successfully completing this arduous task under the guidance of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and other institutions. Famous Indian enterprises such as roots India and HEC have signed agreements with their German counterparts. The Indian engineering Export Promotion Association also signed an agreement with the German Association of small and medium enterprises (bvmw), which has 270000 enterprise members. With such a great success in this exhibition, the engineering Export Promotion Association of India would like to express its sincere thanks to Dr. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, Mr. Sigmar Gabriel, the deputy prime minister, Mr. Stephen Weil, the governor of lowersaxony, and other high-level officials for their strong support. The Indian engineering Export Promotion Association will be committed to deepening this mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship in the future

the next Hannover Industrial Expo will be held from April 25 to 29, 2016

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