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The "fake" dual-mode water heater will be out of the industry standard, which will be announced next year

due to the impact of the economic environment, 2012 has become a reshuffle year for the home appliance industry, and some less competitive enterprises have been forced to close down, while the dual-mode water heater has become a new growth driver for the home appliance industry. According to the sales data of Gome Suning in October this year, the sales volume of most brands in the instant electric water heater industry has declined by more than 30%, but the "dual-mode" electric water heater has maintained a high growth rate and will not appear brittle or unstable toughness. Recently, it was learned that the industry standard of "dual mode" electric water heater is expected to be published in April and may next year, and may become the first international standard of electric water heater drafted by China

"dual mode" breaks through the bottleneck of water heater

with the advent of the national low-carbon era, the traditional water storage electric water heater can not meet people's consumption needs gradually due to its large volume, long heating time, limited water storage, etc. The instant electric water heater has been restricted by the problem of the electric environment, and it is difficult to popularize quickly in the short term. Because the "dual-mode" water heater technology combines the advantages of water storage and instant electric water heaters, and has prominent characteristics, it has formed a unique new technology category of electric water heaters

it is understood that using the "pre heating" technology, you can obtain 6 times the volume of hot water, which is not only abundant in hot water, but also stable in temperature, making bathing more comfortable. Spring, summer and autumn are hot and open, and the heating speed is fast; In winter, you only need to warm up and wait for about 10 minutes. The dual-mode electric water heater is generally about 20 liters, which is much smaller than the 40~100 liter water storage electric water heater, and it can be installed and used as long as 2.5mm wires, which fundamentally solves the problem of the installation bottleneck of the instant electric water heater. Pressure switch

fake "dual-mode" will be shuffled by industry standards

"dual-mode" electric water heater greatly improves the efficiency and comfort of hot water, overcomes various shortcomings of water storage electric water heater and the bottleneck of instant heating electric water heater, which once made money by playing football, but also caused a mixed industry situation. "Our explanation of 'dual mode' is that the product has two heating modes, namely 'instant heating' and 'quick heating', with two heating liners, and the heating time of 'quick heating' is about 10 minutes." Li Weize, brand director of altrand water heater, said in an interview with E-world that there are several fake "double models" in the market at present. "A so-called 'dual mode' is a collection of 'heating' and 'energy saving'. Some brands define 'water storage' and 'fast heating' as' dual mode ', which is actually misleading consumers." It is understood that the function of "water storage" is slow to heat, which takes half an hour or even an hour. It is not a real "dual-mode" concept starting from a scribe line adjacent to the fracture on the long right section of the fracture specimen

since the industry standards of water storage electric water heaters and fast heating electric water heaters are not fully suitable for "dual-mode" electric water heaters, the relevant industry standards of "dual-mode" electric water heaters are currently being formulated. It is understood that the industry standard of dual-mode electric water heater is expected to be announced in April and may next year

Li Yi, director of the Secretariat of the national household appliance Standardization Technical Committee, believes that the reshuffle of the instantaneous electric water heater industry will be accelerated and the brand concentration will be further improved. The upcoming promulgation and implementation of the "dual mode" electric water heater industry standard will ensure that the formulation of the industry standard can closely follow the pace of the market, accelerate the industry reshuffle, promote the healthy and orderly development of China's electric water heater industry and the upgrading of the whole industry, as well as the transformation of the typical tensile stress-strain curve of materials, as shown in Figure 1

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