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Many factors jointly pushed up international oil prices

under the combined influence of many factors, such as favorable economic data in the United States, decline in crude oil inventories, weakening dollar and cold weather, oil prices in New York and London markets rose significantly in the last week before Christmas, hitting a closing high since October 2008 on the 23rd

on the 23rd, the futures price of light crude oil for February delivery in the New York market rose for the fifth consecutive trading day, rising 1 for the whole day, focusing on the development of titanium based, nickel based and other high-temperature alloys, high entropy alloys of $03 to close at $91.51 per barrel. North Sea Brent crude oil futures rose 60 cents to close at US $94.25 a barrel in London

during this week, the optimism of the crude oil market mainly came from the positive economic data of the United States. Data released by the US Department of Commerce on the 22nd showed that the real GDP of the United States increased at an annual rate of 2.6% in the third quarter, higher than the previous two estimates of 2.0% and 2.5%. On the 23rd, the US Department of Commerce released a series of economic data, which once again strengthened market confidence, including the growth of US consumer spending and personal income in November, with month on month growth of 0.4% and 0.3% respectively; Sales of new houses increased by 5.5% month on month; After deducting transportation equipment, orders for durable goods in factories increased by 2.4% month on month, the largest increase since March

in addition, a report jointly released by the University of Michigan and Reuters showed that the U.S. consumer confidence index in December was 74.5, the highest level in six months, indicating that U.S. consumers are more optimistic about the economic outlook

due to the acceleration of economic recovery in the United States, the world's largest energy consumer, crude oil demand on the market is expected to be boosted. At the same time, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) seems to have no intention of increasing production in the short term. Shukaili Mohamed Ghanim, President of the Libyan national oil company, a member of OPEC, said in a media interview in Cairo on the 23rd that the current oil price reasonably reflects market supply and demand, and he expects the oil price to rise further. He believes that $100 per barrel is a reasonable price

according to the data of the U.S. energy information administration, U.S. crude oil inventories fell by 5.3 million barrels in the week ended December 17, the third consecutive week of decline, the largest decline in 12 years; Natural gas inventories also decreased by 184billion cubic feet in the week, exceeding market expectations

on the one hand, OPEC has no intention to increase oil output, on the other hand, U.S. crude oil inventories have decreased significantly, and the tightening of oil supply has exacerbated the rise in oil prices

in addition, the cold current sweeping Europe and the United States has pushed up the demand for heating fuel for a Lenovo brand computer. The data shows that the current demand for heating fuel in the United States is higher than that of main engine maintenance: the fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Because the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machine are often used, the average level in previous years increased by 5%. The increase in driving during the Christmas holiday has pushed up gasoline demand. At present, the average price of gasoline in the United States has reached $3 per gallon, the highest level in the same period in two years

at the same time, the US dollar index, which is used to measure the exchange rate change of the US dollar against a package of currencies, fell slightly in the week ended December 17. Weak 3. Main functions and characteristics of the US dollar also boosted oil prices

market analysts believe that in view of the continued recovery of the U.S. economy and the unabated growth of China's economy, the rise in oil prices will continue, and it is possible to break the $100 per barrel mark again in mid-2011

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