After the hottest Festival, glass prices plummeted

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After the festival, glass prices fell sharply, and many giants rose against the market, causing confusion.

during this period, the price decline in South China was relatively large, which had a certain "leading" impact on the surrounding areas, and also increased the uncertainty of glass prices in the national market

according to insiders, "the price of Guangxi market is good, and the export of original films is also OK. I don't know why it has plummeted so far". Orders of glass deep-processing enterprises in the southern market are OK, but continuous price reductions are rare in the past. This year's anomaly is really confusing

some people speculate that this is the reason why the production enterprises in South China are eager to increase the delivery and withdrawal of funds. The market generally believes that affected by this, the recent upward pressure on market prices in other regions is relatively large. At the same time, the key points for attention in the operation of Qi hydraulic universal testing machine. The first and second lines of Binhai white glass will be repaired and transformed by water cooling in early April, and the production capacity will be reduced by 1700 tons per day at that time. We also call for joint efforts to stabilize the market and do not panic

however, what was unexpected was that yesterday's notice of price increases by major brands was again on the screen in the circle of friends

Xinyi, CSG, yaopi and other enterprises said that the continuous rise in raw materials and transportation costs has brought too much pressure to enterprise operations, and adjusted the price of products by 8% to 12%

soda ash, the main raw material of glass, has been "falling endlessly" in the near future. So where does the rise in raw materials come from? This news once again made the insiders say that they "can't understand", but for the fact that large manufacturers have raised prices, downstream enterprises expressed helplessness, "we can only face it"

for this, we can find the reason from the general environment. Recall that since September 21 last year, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of public security, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection, and Quarantine have focused on carrying out three "special actions" nationwide, namely, carrying out a one-year special action to rectify the Illegal Refitting of trucks and a special action to rectify the illegal overloading of Road Trucks, and carrying out a two-year joint law enforcement action for vehicle transport vehicles. That is not a once in a while, It lasted until July 31 this year, so the transportation cost did not fall

on the other hand, 2017 is the last year of the implementation of the leading stage of the "ten atmospheric regulations". In the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, in 2016, Beijing PM2. 5 the annual average concentration is 73 micrograms per cubic meter, 109% higher than the national standard. Beijing should complete the task of "the annual average concentration of PM2.5 in 2017 will reach 60 micrograms per cubic meter" stipulated in the "ten articles of the atmosphere", which means that this year will be reduced by nearly 20% on the basis of 2016. In other words, in order to successfully complete the "ten articles of the atmosphere" target task, this year's environmental protection action will be more stringent, and in fact, this is completely consistent with what we have seen. It is reported that the environmental protection department is not idle even during the Spring Festival this year. On New Year's Eve, Minister of environmental protection chenjining is still busy discussing environmental issues. Next year, the life science department will increase our market promotion efforts by participating in industry exhibitions, launching networking seminars, and holding various offline customer activities. On the fourth day of the year, it will host a meeting to discuss the national air quality situation during the Spring Festival holiday. The main engine of Jinan gold testing pressure experimental machine is a 4-column frame loading mechanism, and deploy the process of heavy air pollution to deal with relevant work. Just before the inspection team left, Chen Jining also presided over the first quarter special meeting on air pollution prevention and control. Affected by the environmental protection renovation, so far, most of the deep-processing enterprises in Shahe area are still in the state of shutdown

at the end of last year, the environmental protection storm, the shutdown and production restriction of raw materials led to a sharp rise in prices, and the transportation costs continued to rise, driving the glass price to a "frenzy after every steel structure building is a" steel storage warehouse ". What about this year's situation? More disadvantageous than last year is that this year is China's "summit year", the "two sessions" in March, the "the Belt and Road" summit in May, the BRICs summit in September, and the fourth quarter haze conference, which has been established in recent years, almost throughout the year. In this way, it is not only the glass industry that will be affected. For many industries such as steel, cement, paper, packaging and printing, the development of 2017 is more and more confusing

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