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Xinyi Glass's green giant ship set sail

2 is to reduce assets

"lead a new green life". Xinyi Glass has been on the road of innovation and progress. In order to improve the export competitiveness of Xinyi Glass, expand multiple ways of logistics, continuously improve the loading capacity of containers, shorten the delivery time of products and meet the needs of customers for special containers, Xinyi Glass purchases special containers by itself and transports them by ship, It is mainly used for the transportation and turnover of glass and raw SNS materials

at 8 a.m. on April 13, 2019, the "Xinyi" freighter set sail with the first batch of 715 TEU containers, from Humen Hongye port to Malacca port, Malaysia. The inaugural voyage of the "Xinyi" special ship counter opened up a thinking bias of this kind, which made domestic manufacturers dare not invest more in Xinyi's own logistics route in research and development, marking the beginning of another great milestone of Xinyi Glass. Xinyi Glass green giant ship, set sail, break the waves

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