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FACTSnbsp; Ce2010 we can know the magnitude of the force by measuring the change of the output voltage. The functions of the functional analysis platform

factsce2010 the functions of the multi-functional analysis platform "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"


factsce2010 provides four titration end-point detection methods for rapid multi-channel analysis: temperature, potential, conductivity and luminosity. Advanced sandawin software operating system, friendly user interface, "one click" automatic control, real-time data processing, pre stored titration sequence for call, programmable multi-step control function, the user manual lists more than 400 titration uses, and the detection accuracy can reach one thousandth. "Br", "br", "br", "impact testing machine" refers to the impact test force applied to the sample, which often requires setting the range to the maximum or "auto" mode br "," br the proportion of unexpected failure of mechanical parts is quite high "

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