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A few days ago, Chongqing Yuzhong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau seized high-end counterfeit cigarettes with a case value of more than 400000 yuan in a freight yard on Changbin road. To the surprise of law enforcement officials, this batch of the latest version of high-end fake cigarettes actually "surpassed" the manufacturers in design - its various industries also returned to normal in order. Not only did it "make it more safe" to turn the color of the cigarette box into blue, but also the traditional vertical opening method of cigarettes was not counted as horizontal push

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in the face of these fake cigarettes with a number of "innovation patents", Liu Zunmo, chief of the Yuzhong District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, who has been engaged in the fight against counterfeiting for many years, pointed out that because the law enforcement departments have made great efforts to crack down on "cloning" fake cigarettes, fake cigarette dealers began to seek innovation and change. This batch of "modified" fake cigarettes found in I ¨ city for the first time is a typical example. These fake cigarettes after "transformation" are the same as the real ones in terms of product names. It seems that they are easy for consumers to mistakenly think that the manufacturer has produced new varieties. Liu Zunmo said that they will cooperate with Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau to investigate the source of these new fake cigarettes as soon as possible. Since the interior insulation is the best choice, springs are mostly the main components used on machinery and vehicles

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