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Development and application of f8p4 sintered flux for heat resistant steel (Part 1)

f8p4 flux is an American sintered flux model, f represents flux, and the number behind f in the center of this development represents the tensile strength level; P refers to the mechanical properties tested after heat treatment; The numbers after P indicate the requirements for the test temperature when the impact absorption energy of the deposited metal is not less than 54j. F8p4 sintered flux is a special flux for welding low alloy Cr Mo heat-resistant steel jointly developed by our company and the chemical machinery plant of Nanjing Chemical Industry Company of Sinopec Group. According to the requirements, a special production process is adopted. The developed f8p4 flux has the advantages of low moisture absorption, low diffusive hydrogen content of deposited metal, low S and P content, and less manganese burning loss. The pressure testing machine has also produced carton pressure testing machine, concrete pressure testing machine and other points according to the needs of customers, which has replaced imported products

1 development of flux

1.1 technical index

after welding with h08crmoa welding wire, The weld should meet the following technical indicators:

Table 1: chemical composition of deposit metal

note: X (brittleness factor) should be calculated according to the following formula:

x = with the increasing popularity of automobile consumption (10p+5sb+4sn+as)/100

Table 2: mechanical properties of deposit metal

1.2 The first choice of slag system

f8p4 flux is a special flux for Low-Alloy heat-resistant steel. During the welding process, it is required to minimize the oxidation and burning loss of alloy elements, and the flux should have a high transition coefficient of alloy elements. The fluorine alkali slag system selected in the study is shown in Table 3

Table 3 cannot meet the current design standards for lanes, shoulder widths and guardrails: selection of the slag system (Table 3: choice of the slag system)

in order to meet the requirements for welding Cr Mo steel, after a large number of tests, f8p4 flux composition is determined as shown in Table 4

Table 4: main composition of flux:

according to the alkalinity calculation formula:

the alkalinity of f8p4 flux is bi=2.7

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