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Development and application of generic cabling distribution system

distribution frame, as the core product of generic cabling system, plays the role of flexible transfer, flexible distribution and integrated unified management of transmission signals, and because the greatest feature of generic cabling system is to use the same interface and the same transmission medium to transmit various different information on it, The realization of this feature is mainly achieved by connecting the jumper between the distribution frames of different information The following introduces several commonly used distribution frames and their reasonable collocation in practical application

at the end of 1980s, the generic cabling system just entered China. At that time, the information transmission rate was very low, and there were only three types of cabling system (16mhz). The 110 fish skeleton distribution frame was mainly used for the distribution system, which was mainly divided into 50 pairs, 100 pairs, 300 pairs and 900 pairs of wall mounted. This kind of distribution frame was used from the main distribution frame in the main equipment room to the distribution frame between distribution lines, whether connecting the trunk or connecting the horizontal cables 110 fishbone "in order to maintain the same or slightly improved function, the advantages of rack type distribution frame are small size, high density and low price. It is mainly used with 25/50/100 pairs of large pairs of cables; its disadvantages are that the cable termination is troublesome, the one-time termination should not be changed, there are no shielded products, the termination tools are expensive, and it is inconvenient to maintain and upgrade.

with the continuous improvement of network transmission rate, there are five types of cabling systems (100MHz) The products and network interfaces are also gradually unified to RJ45. The distribution frame used to terminate the transmission data cables adopts 19 inch RJ45 port 110 distribution frame. The back incoming line of this distribution frame adopts 110 termination method, and the front is all RJ45 ports for jumper wiring. It is mainly divided into 24 ports, 36 ports, 48 ports and 96 ports, all of which are installed in 19 inch rack/cabinet type. Its advantages are small volume, high density, simple termination and repeated termination, It is mainly used for the termination of 4 pairs of twisted pairs, with shielding products; The disadvantage is that the incoming cable is terminated at the back of the distribution frame, and the jumping management of the outgoing line is completed at the front of the distribution frame, so the maintenance and management is more troublesome; Because the ports are relatively fixed, no matter how many desktop information ports to be managed, they must be configured according to the port multiple of 24 and 36, resulting in the vacancy and waste of wiring ports. The hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for metal and is not flexible; In addition, the price is relatively expensive compared with 110 fish skeleton distribution frames

today, with the rapid development of network technology and transmission rate, the emergence of Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, and the introduction of category 5 (100MHz) and category 6 (250MHz) cabling systems, users have put forward a variety of requirements for the application of network systems, such as internal (shielded), external (unshielded), voice, optical fiber to desktop, etc. facing the flexible management of more functional information ports, they have higher requirements for the diversification, flexibility, scalability and other performance of the cabling system, Some cabling manufacturers such as Schneider Electric have introduced multimedia distribution frames, which meet the requirements of modern network communication applications for distribution systems This kind of distribution frame discards the weakness that the previous fixed RJ45 port 110 distribution frame port cannot be changed. It is a standard 19 inch wide 1U high empty distribution board, on which can be arbitrarily configured with super class 5, class 6, class 7, voice, optical fiber and shielded/unshielded wiring products. At most 24 data copper or optical fiber ports and 48 voice ports can be configured at 1U high, which fully reflects the diversity and flexibility of distribution, It brings great convenience to upgrade and expand; Because it adopts independent modular configuration, and each port on the distribution frame corresponds to the information port of the desktop one by one, it is not necessary to configure the distribution frame according to the port multiple of 24 or 36, so it will not cause the vacancy and waste of distribution ports; In addition, the installation, maintenance and management of this kind of distribution frame are operated in the front, which greatly simplifies the operation procedure; Shielding and unshielded systems can be configured on the same distribution board at the same time, which is another feature different from the old distribution frame

at present, great changes are also taking place in voice communication. The commonly known analog system is gradually being eliminated by new digital communication systems, such as the latest VoIP technology. The popularity of some four core also changes the voice distribution system Some cabling manufacturers led by Schneider Electric have successively launched the RJ45 port IDC voice distribution frame. The back side uses IDC to terminate voice multi logarithmic cables, and the front side uses RJ45 port for wiring management. Compared with 110 fishbone distribution frame, it has the advantages of simple termination, repeatable termination, low installation and maintenance cost, simple and fast RJ45 port wiring, and neat overall appearance of the distribution frame

for the several common distribution frames introduced above, there are often problems of how to match them correctly in practical applications. The following describes the matching method to ensure that the clamping unit and the test board are fixed at this position between the distribution lines:

the matching of 110 distribution frames

in view of the biggest characteristic of the generic cabling system is to use the same interface and the same transmission medium to transmit different information on it, At the same time, the wiring jump mode is used to flexibly control the simultaneous use function of each desktop information point. Therefore, the distribution frame used to terminate the horizontal twisted pair from all desktop information points should adopt RJ45 port 110 distribution frame (as shown in the above figure), while the distribution frame used to terminate the multi pair voice cables from the host room should adopt the corresponding pairs of 110 fishbone distribution frame (as shown in the above figure), and the voice connection can be realized by jumping with RJ45 port 110 distribution frame through jumpers, The data optical fiber backbone converts one way of high-speed optical signals into multiple data signals through the optical fiber distribution box, and then realizes the demand of desktop information point connection through standard RJ45 jumper and RJ45 port 110 distribution frame

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