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Development and application of screen soft proofing technology (III)

matchprintv1rtua[press side software can also carry out screen soft proofing in the printing workshop. The software will scan the printed sheets, conduct remote proofing, endorsement and monitoring for the printing process, as shown in Figure 3.

ICs (integrated co[or solutions) The remotedirector screen soft proofing system provided by the company is a pure software system. It can work in apple and PC environments. The remote director has passed the swop certification with many displays, such as app, e Cinema (20 inches, 23 inches, 30 inches), Zo coloredge cg21, cg210, cg220, Sony 23 inch sdm-p232w/b LCD and Sony artisan gdm-c520k CRT displays. You can use X-Rite opti and Gretag Macbeth EyeOne screen correction kits for color management. At the same time, ICS is also the first company to launch the soft proofing of the screen of the printing machine. An American Recycling Association said it would pay more attention to products. Its pre aluminum liquid quality remained stable. Ssok included a 27 inch wide scanner with unlimited length, which can scan the print sheets into the soft proofing system of the screen for remote endorsement

dalim software company is a company famous for automated workflow software, but it provides a separate set of screen soft proofing product dalimdilog server software, which runs under the environment of Mac OS X or red hat linux, and is not limited by the number of users. The client uses web browser and does not need special plug-ins

leading ASTM D 621 gives the workflow for testing these two deformations. Suppliers generally do not provide screen soft proofing products separately, but provide optional screen soft proofing modules in their workflow software. For example, Agfa provides screen soft proofing function in its management system Delano; Creo integrates the screen soft proofing function in its Internet production interface software synapse insite, and files can "drag" users from primergy and BRISQUE systems; Screen USA provides several screen soft proofing modules in its truerlownet process system, such as drama teapprove, citation Teon... E, riteportai, etc; Heidelberg provides two forms of screen soft proofing in the remote access option in its prime Printready system. Adobe ACR is used for the annotation and endorsement of PDF files. B81. For dot matrix files after tide P, OEM realmeproof is used for screen soft proofing

now, for the application of screen contract proofing, the display technology still needs further development, but the greater obstacle comes from people's trust in it and the habit of hard copy proofing

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