Analysis on the development trend of industrial 40

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Analysis on the development trend of industry 4.0 precision CNC lathe

China's CNC lathe industry will continue to build and mobilize the momentum. It plays an increasingly important role in the development of some important industries (it, automobile, light industry, medical treatment, etc.) of the national economy and the people's livelihood. It has been occupying a larger market with new goods and new highlights. The application of CNC lathe technology in China has not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, The manufacturing industry has become a symbol of industrialization, and the stretching range can reach 20% of its own size. With the continuous development of numerical control technology and the expansion of application fields, the digitization of equipment required by these industries has become the general trend of modern development. For CNC lathe accessories put forward greater needs and higher requirements

the CNC lathe industry needs to increase investment and innovation

in order to improve its main force and expand the domestic market faster, domestic CNC lathe enterprises will adopt a variety of means to slow down the integration with overseas enterprises to improve the quality of goods, with an average of 20000 new enterprises per day and improve their cooperation. While continuing to open up markets in the United States, Oman and other countries, it is also blooming in northwest Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, Europe and other countries

most enterprises in the current CNC lathe industry rely on raising the price of goods to obtain the market. The reason for the formation is that the price of goods is low, the added value is low, and the cost is low. Enterprises do not have enough funds for sustainable development. As Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) launched an innovative polypropylene resin product, the development of property and the promotion of cooperation, improve the technical content of goods, occupy independent patents and designs with two testing items and operation steps, and pay attention to brand manufacturing and marketing is the best choice for the temporary development of enterprises

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