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Analyze the development trend of financial leasing of medical instruments, process and print the results, and the market penetration will reach 38%

with the reform of social security, the aging population, the periodic renewal of equipment, the reform of public hospitals and the growth of private hospitals, China's medical equipment industry has a strong demand. However, at present, the current situation of China's medical equipment industry shows an imbalance between demand and capital: the output of the medical equipment industry has maintained a growth rate of nearly 20% since 2005, but most of the medical equipment used in medical institutions are products of the 1970s and 1980s, and it is time for a new generation. However, due to the unreasonable income structure of China's medical institutions, "drug nursing homes" are the main, and capital has become the bottleneck of hospital development. Financial leasing can meet the needs of hospital equipment renewal

China's medical device industry has grown rapidly from small to large, and has now become a sunrise industry with relatively complete product categories, continuously enhanced innovation ability and strong market demand. Especially in recent years, the development speed of the medical device industry has been further accelerated, the output value has maintained double-digit growth for many consecutive years, and the quantity and scientific and technological content of product exports have also been continuously improved. In 2016, China's medical device industry achieved a total sales revenue of 224.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.92%; The total industrial output value reached 262.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.77%

the growth of the scale of China's medical device industry (unit: 100 million yuan,%)

large medical devices are different from the pharmaceutical field. Each market segment has a small capacity, but the professional barriers are very high. There is a large span between various fields in research and development, professional academic promotion, after-sales service and so on. In the fields of high-value consumables, diagnosis and treatment equipment, diagnostic reagents and so on, medical institutions have a huge demand for medical equipment, which is difficult to complete solely relying on their own funds. At present, the penetration scale of leasing business is still small

by the end of 2014, China's medical equipment hydraulic oil would oxidize and coking during long-term work. The amount of financial leasing accounted for less than 10% of the total sales of medical equipment that year, while relying on professional leasing companies such as manufacturers or independent departments, the proportion of the United States to update medical equipment through financial leasing has reached 80%. Therefore, the demand for financial leasing in China's medical equipment industry has broad prospects

the financial leasing of China's health care industry has benefited from the overall development trend of China's health care industry. The financial leasing amount of medical equipment has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 48%, the continuous improvement of medical services in rural areas, the continuous reform of public hospitals, the rapid growth of private hospitals and the evolving one-stop service model in the medical industry are all important driving forces for the rapid growth of financial leasing in the medical industry

according to the "analysis report on market prospect and investment strategic planning of financial leasing industry" released by the prospective industry research institute, in 2012, the sales of medical equipment in China was 156.5 billion yuan, and the financial leasing amount was 31.1 billion yuan, with a penetration rate of 19.85%. If the penetration rate of financial leasing increased to about 22% in 2013, the financing amount of medical equipment would be about 41.5 billion yuan

in 2016, China's medical device industry achieved a total sales revenue of 269billion yuan, and the financial leasing amount was about 68.8 billion yuan. From the perspective of the growth rate of the total output value of medical devices and pharmaceutical industry in recent years, the development speed of medical devices is generally faster than that of the pharmaceutical industry. In the future, with the advantages of financial leasing business, the penetration rate of financial leasing in the medical equipment industry will be further improved under the promotion of national policies

changes in China's medical equipment sales and financial leasing in (unit: 100 million yuan)

from the perspective of hospitals, the high profits of drugs that can also be equipped with ordinary computers in the past constitute an important source of funds for hospitals. With the country strengthening the reform and supervision of the drug procurement system, the financial pressure of hospitals is increasing, and the financing requirements are more urgent. The lease of medical equipment solves the thorny problem that hospitals are in urgent need of introducing medical equipment and suffer from the lack of funds, and minimizes the one-time investment of hospitals in the purchase of large equipment funds. It can effectively allocate the limited funds, make them more reasonably used in the basic construction of hospitals and the addition of other small instruments, and ensure the long-term development of hospitals

at the same time, for some tertiary and secondary hospitals that hope to develop rapidly, if they add medical equipment after the building and other comprehensive supporting projects are completed, it will undoubtedly miss the economic and social benefits generated by the application and promotion of many new clinical technologies. On the contrary, the purchase of large-scale equipment by modern leasing is not only not affected by the hospital's own financial strength, engineering investment and other factors, but also flexible and simple to operate. It can also bypass some policies and approval procedures, and supplement and improve the combination and multiple options for the hospital to purchase large-scale equipment. At the same time, it is conducive to improving the core competitiveness of hospitals

with the continuous growth of China's medical demand, the medical device industry will maintain sustained and rapid development. According to the annual sales of medical devices, the weighted moving average method is used to estimate the annual sales, and the market penetration of medical devices increases by 2% every year. Then by 2022, the financial leasing amount of medical devices is expected to reach 148.4 billion yuan, and the market penetration is expected to reach 38%

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