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Analysis on the development trend of cigarette packaging machinery

in recent years, many cigarette packaging machinery production companies in the world also attach great importance to the development of high-speed cigarette packaging units, and have launched a variety of high-speed cigarette packaging units to the market. For example, Germany's Siemens company launched DT 700 flip hard box packaging unit, and the production capacity of this unit has reached 700 boxes/minute. The company has also launched a Bo type packaging unit to the market, which can pack cigarettes without mouth and filter tip. It is a single way soft package type, and its improved version has a production capacity of pack/sub. Hongni company of Germany launched its latest compas500/C90/B90 cigarette packaging unit to the market, which can form a complete cigarette production line with the improved PROTOS 100. The production capacity of the unit is more than 520 packages/minute. Japan Tobacco Company also launched its newly developed BF2 cigarette soft packaging unit to the market. In addition, Germany's focke company is also developing HLP 700 two-way cigarette packaging machine with a production capacity of 700 packs/minute, which is expected to be introduced to the market soon. Based on the development of G · D x 500 soft packaging machine, Italian g · D company has also developed the supporting c600 small package transparent paper packaging machine and the LL 16 buffer device for the two machines, which can be used for more than 100000 times, thus forming a cigarette packaging production line (matching with the pack box packaging machine) and has been introduced to the market

while actively developing high-speed cigarette packaging units, international cigarette machinery companies also attach great importance to the matching and complete automation of packaging units. Many companies have developed cigarette packing machines, cigarette box automatic stacking and transportation systems and other auxiliary equipment matching the packaging units, so as to reduce the labor intensity of the packaging line and realize the complete automation of the whole packaging line. At present, cigarette packaging lines in many developed countries in the world have been fully automated

at present, the world also attaches great importance to the manual supply (loading and unloading) of packaging materials for packaging units, and has increased technological innovation and conducted research. So far, many cigarette machine companies have successfully developed some manipulators for the automatic installation of packaging materials (including trademark paper trays, aluminum foil lined paper trays, etc.) in packaging units. The use of these devices, It greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves production efficiency. Ruyi Dali g · D company has developed a self-propelled trolley that can directly transport packaging materials from the warehouse to the packaging machine, a manipulator that can directly install the paper tray of packaging materials on the machine from the pallet, and an automatic feeding device that can directly feed cardboard into the cardboard warehouse of G · dx2nv flip box packaging machine. SASIB company in Italy has developed a manipulator pallet shipping system, which is very flexible and can automatically load and unload cigarette boxes to the pallet. At present, the system has been popularized and used in a cigarette factory in Britain. German focke company has also developed a 531 manipulator pallet loading and unloading system, which can carry out high-speed and automatic loading and unloading operations on pallets

at present, the quality inspection and control in the process of cigarette packaging is still one of the research priorities of cigarette packaging machinery companies in the world. In recent years, many achievements have been made in the research, development and use of advanced, effective and low-cost measurement and control instruments and systems. In order to check and ensure the appearance quality of the finished cigarette products (cigarette packs, bar boxes), some companies have developed and promoted an advanced cigarette pack visual inspection system, which can monitor the appearance quality of finished cigarette packs and automatically remove defective cigarette packs. The cigarette bag visual inspection system of Ruyi Dali g · D company and the PAC 1000 optical cigarette bag inspection system jointly developed by R · J Reynolds company and video company of the United States. These systems are generally composed of optical probe (composed of optical lens, etc.), electronic control device, microprocessor and elimination part. They work by using the principle of optical photography. They can check the position of the sealing label on the cigarette package, the wrapping of transparent paper and upper aluminum foil paper, the bottom sealing, side sealing, extruded cigarette packages and other common defects, and can also remove defective cigarette packages. Some systems are also equipped with CRT to display up to 30 parameters processed

in general, for a long time to come, the world's cigarette packaging machinery will continue to develop in the direction of high speed (two-way packaging technology will be adopted), high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, high flexibility, good and stable product quality and full automation. At the same time, its noise and safety will be improved, and computer technology will be used to manage production materials and data, which will be connected with the main computer system of the whole cigarette factory, In order to make this kind of practice more effective, we have to say that it reflects a mind of serving the global industry to scientifically manage the production of the whole plant

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