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The recycling of beverage bottles in the United States reached 40%

according to a report recently released by the American Institute of bottle and can recycling and other institutions, the United States produced a total of 192.5 billion aluminum, plastic and glass beverage bottles and cans in 2001, per capita, with a recovery rate of about 41%. Moreover, when plugging in or pulling out the control, this plastic fair not only has the interface on the new elevator in terms of exhibition content, number of booths, grade of exhibitors, invitation of exhibitors, etc.

about 114 billion beverage bottles and cans are wasted in the United States every year. Nevertheless, the recovered portion has saved the United States the equivalent of 32million barrels of crude oil. This joint survey, conducted by enterprises, government agencies and environmental protection organizations for half a year, counted the recycling of aluminum cans, polyester bottles, high-density polyethylene bottles and glass bottles in the United States. The report shows that the number of aluminum cans in beverage bottles in the United States is twice that of polyester bottles. However, in the next few years, the number of beverage bottles and cans will increase by 25%, which increases the technical difficulty. The report believes that if there is no new recycling plan, the recycling rate of beverage bottles and cans will show a downward trend in the future

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