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Analysis on the development trend of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry in 2016

according to the growth analysis of China's high-voltage electrical appliance industry, "The threshold of high-voltage electrical appliances is not low, but the repeated competition of products is serious. If enterprises do not transform and upgrade, they will still focus on low-end products, which will not meet the needs of industry growth. Now, the growth trend of China's high-voltage electrical appliances industry in 2016 is analyzed. In recent years, the obscene raw material cost has certainly decreased, but the rest capital is slowly climbing, and the rest capital will be higher and higher in the next few years, but at present, robot processing and other major manufacturers The automation process has not been completed, resulting in huge pressure on small and medium-sized high-voltage electrical appliances enterprises. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is the highest performance to promote the degree of initiative in the high-voltage electrical industry. " We can guarantee the technology of the experimental machine for you, said an industrialist who refused to reveal his name

Liushi Town, known as the "business card of high-voltage electrical appliances", has made another heavy blow in the promotion of high-voltage electrical appliances industry

on August 1, the city held a mobilization meeting for the promotion and growth of the electrical industry, and issued the opinions on the implementation of the "special steps for the promotion and growth of the electrical industry in Yueqing City", which clearly carried out comprehensive rectification and promotion steps

it was reported at the meeting that the electrical industry in the city was facing great downward pressure. From January to September, the profit was 4.262 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2.4%, and the overall cost of the high-voltage electrical industry fell by about 8%. In the face of the "double drop in price and volume", the city will start sorting out the list of enterprises that produce inferior quality and low price products and deliberately depress the price to compete, and strengthen the investigation and handling of the new year's Eve. The person in charge of the city also said that the electrical industry should speed up the reform and upgrading, and move towards the middle and high-end. Enterprises should follow the trend, seize the opportunity, and try their best to make efforts in the aspects of technology development, talent introduction, new product development, marketing forms, etc., so as to speed up the growth towards high-end, intelligent and brand

grafting intelligent manufacturing to improve the degree of initiative

from the above analysis of industrialists, it is not difficult to feel the urgency of Intelligent Manufacturing in the high-voltage electrical appliance industry, especially to improve the degree of intelligence, below the world production cost. "Under the installation and commissioning state of Xinchang static steel tester, the rest force and growth factors fall, and the promotion and adjustment of the spacing between the two fulcrums is an effective way to create and find economic benefits and complete the strong growth of the enterprise. The best way to transform the enterprise is through the complementary advantages of the promotion of the initiative rate and the rest force capital." Said Wei Yiwen, the person in charge of Delixi Electric

at present, the intellectualization of high-voltage electrical appliances requires the use of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment to establish active production lines including critical parts, active detection lines of high-voltage electrical appliances, active equipment lines of high-voltage electrical appliances, etc

the market inquiry, visit and analysis statement of the high-voltage electrical appliance industry shows that in recent years, there have been many enterprises in the industry, seeking growth in active production. According to baiyunfeng, the founder of Hangzhou Lipper technology company: "The company's testing products are machines that replace workers. Every product has to undergo factory testing after the design of a dynamic resistance monitoring system is completed. Manual testing not only increases the cost of rest, but also presents unavoidable errors. Active testing can complete plastic sheet material testing machine, capsule intelligent evaluation machine, magnetic data sorting machine, metal cover rough defect intelligent detection machine, etc." In order to promote lean production management and active production, Chint implemented the project of "development and utilization of digital workshop of user-side electrical equipment based on IOT and energy efficiency management" this year, which was listed in the national "intelligent manufacturing project"

in addition, according to Delixi Electric, the overall initiative rate of the company's factory in Wuhu, Anhui Province exceeded 50%. And take the lead in adopting simulation software to stop the design and drawing of parts, ensure that all parts have the most reasonable tolerance, and fully consider the differences of parts and design requirements of automation. In addition, the enterprise also pastes a unique ID card - QR code for each part, and completes the whole process tracking and visual experience of products from manufacturing, inventory, sales and utilization with the help of mobile Internet technology

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