Analysis on the development trend of China's coal

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Analysis on the development trend of China's coal chemical industry

coal is the most important energy resource in China. It is not only an important fuel, but also an important chemical raw material. In recent years, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a general trend under the background of the sharp fluctuations in international oil prices and the continued rise in the international influence of the alternative chemical raw plastic extruder industry, as well as the increasingly urgent demand for alternative energy. In the emerging energy industry plan that has been submitted to the State Council for approval, the utilization of clean coal has become one of the ten emerging energy industries. Under the background that many listed companies are actively involved in the field of coal chemical industry, the development prospect of coal chemical industry has attracted much attention

in recent years, the output of major coal chemical products in China has maintained a rapid growth. In 2009, China's methanol output reached 11.334 million tons, and in the first half of this year, the methanol output reached 8.11 million tons, an increase of 53.3% year-on-year; In 2009, the total output of synthetic ammonia reached 51.36 million tons, and the total output of synthetic ammonia in the first half of this year was 26.491 million tons, an increase of 4.6% year-on-year. In addition, there are a large number of projects under construction, expansion projects and planned coal chemical projects

the pace of industrial structure adjustment of coal chemical industry is accelerated, and the competition of traditional coal chemical industry is fierce. At present, China's basic coal chemical products have overall overcapacity, fierce competition, and the industrial structure needs to be optimized. In 2009, the national coking industry shut down and eliminated nearly 23million tons of backward small (old) coke ovens, and about 37million tons of new coke oven capacity was put into operation, realizing the replacement of backward capacity with large and medium-sized coke oven capacity that is automated, large-scale, clean and environmentally friendly

the new coal chemical industry led by clean coal gasification technology has many advantages, such as high energy utilization rate, full utilization of resources, low emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, etc., and has become an important field for the future development of coal chemical industry. According to experts' estimates, the energy consumption per unit product of the new coal chemical industry is often reduced by more than 20% compared with the traditional coal chemical industry, and the emission of "three wastes" is reduced by more than half. If scientifically designed and managed, the resource utilization of "three wastes" or even "zero" emission can be realized

Zhou Zhuye, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, believes that the development prospect of new coal chemical industry is promising, but the technical bottleneck needs to be broken urgently. At present, China's new coal chemical industry, such as coal to oil, coal to olefin, coal to natural gas, coal to ethylene glycol and other demonstration devices, are still in the late stage of device construction or the stage of preparation for commissioning, and the new coal chemical industry is on the eve of great development

the main driving force for the sustainable development of the new coal chemical industry comes from technological innovation. Through new coal chemical technology, solid coal can be converted into petroleum to replace chemical products and clean energy, which can greatly improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce the emissions of carbides, sulfides and nitrogen oxides; New coal chemical technology has also provided convenient conditions for carbon dioxide capture and storage in recent years. The application of industrialization will be of positive significance to environmental protection and provide technical support for coal chemical industry to follow the low-carbon technology route

the development of China's coal chemical industry will optimize the energy structure, especially the terminal energy structure, through clean and efficient ways. The future development has the following characteristics: in addition to the development of traditional coal chemical products, it will be market-oriented and develop new coal chemical industry dominated by energy conversion, such as coal liquefaction, coal gasification - synthetic fuels and chemical products, or electricity, heat co production, etc; In the context of global economic integration, establish large-scale factories with international competitiveness, adopt advanced technology and modern equipment at home and abroad, and provide clean production and clean products, such as modern liquefaction engineering, advanced synthetic reaction engineering, etc; In the development of the new coal chemical industry, enterprises invest in the development of advanced technology and pay attention to the commercialization of new technology in domestic and foreign markets

as a capital intensive and technology intensive industry, the construction and production cycle of coal chemical projects is long, and the ability to resist risks is low. In particular, the impact of the international financial crisis has made the once swarming coal chemical projects lose their price advantage, and some problems in the development of the coal chemical industry have also been exposed

industrial structure adjustment is imminent. At present, in the traditional coal chemical industry, the repeated construction of coke, calcium carbide and other projects is mainly applicable to the serious overcapacity of rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. The elimination of backward production capacity has become the necessity of the structural adjustment of the traditional coal chemical industry. The new coal chemical project is still in the demonstration construction stage, but there are many planned projects in various regions, which face great investment risks and overcapacity problems, and it is urgent for the industry to introduce. This is also the response and standardized development of the external community on the question of its participation in the supply capacity of Australia's mtmarion lithium project. At the same time, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, and few large modern high-tech enterprises. All major coal producing provinces are competing to launch coal chemical projects, which is likely to cause similar industrial trends and lead to overcapacity

technology is still the bottleneck of development. The coal chemical industry is a technology intensive and capital intensive industry. There is an urgent need for technology, and many key technologies are introduced from abroad. However, some foreign coal chemical technologies lack industrial demonstration and verification, and the introduction risk is great, causing great difficulties to the production and operation of enterprises and paying a high cost. Zhou Zhuye believes that at present, accelerating the cultivation of core technologies of coal chemical industry with independent intellectual property rights and doing a good job in the construction and operation of commercial demonstration devices are the fundamental ways to develop the coal chemical industry

in addition, the R & D and localization of coal chemical equipment need to be improved. At present, although the equipment and technology of coal gasifiers and methanol synthesis towers in China have made major breakthroughs and have been successfully applied to industrial production, the main equipment supporting large-scale coal chemical projects, such as core reactors, compressors, key pumps and valves, cannot meet the requirements. Accelerating the development of key coal chemical equipment and complete sets of technical equipment can not only reduce the investment of coal chemical projects and enhance competitiveness, but also improve the technical level of China's equipment manufacturing industry and drive the development of related industries

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