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Analysis on the development trend of flow instruments in China in 2013

flowmeter is one of the most important instruments in industrial measurement. The acceptance Expert Group believes that the project has completed the specified main tasks and indicators. The main manufacturers of flow meters in the world include: abb, Emerson, endresshauser or eh, kroh, Siemens, Yokogawa, general electric, Honeywell, Invensys and Yamatake. The market concentration of flowmeter is relatively high. Emerson, eh and abb, the top three manufacturers, account for nearly 50% of the market share of the whole market

with the development of industry, the accuracy and scope of flow measurement are required to be higher and higher. In order to adapt to a variety of uses, various types of flow meters have come out one after another, and are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy, metallurgy, paper pulp and paper making, building materials and other industries. It is predicted that by 2013, the global flowmeter market will reach US $3.48 billion

predictable energy investment will bring great development space to the flowmeter

driving factors according to the prediction of the International Energy Agency (IEA), from 2007 to 2030, the world needs to invest a total of 26.0 trillion dollars in energy infrastructure (in 2007 dollars). Among them, the investment in the power industry is US $13.6 trillion, accounting for 52.3% of the total investment. The current financial crisis will not affect long-term investment. By 2030, it is expected that maintaining the current energy supply capacity alone will require more than half of the global energy investment. By 2030, the infrastructure of oil, gas and electricity in many parts of the world will need to be replaced. In the long run, the foreseeable energy investment will bring a lot of development space for the application of flowmeter in the oil and gas and energy industry

facing the fierce competitive environment and in order to meet the demands of global energy conservation and emission reduction, users in various industries pay more attention to the operating efficiency of production plants and reduce energy consumption as much as possible to improve competitiveness. Therefore, a large amount of investment is used to improve the automation level of the factory and the collection and real-time monitoring of field data, so as to improve the process control efficiency of the factory. For example, in the oil and gas and energy industries, reliable fluid measurement equipment is needed in closed transmission facilities; Chemical and pharmaceutical industries need high-precision flow meters, and various trends will drive the development of sensors and field equipment (including flow meters)

more electronic technologies, such as digital signal processing (DSP) and microprocessor, are being introduced into the flowmeter, which makes the flowmeter have the function of self diagnosis, and can better communicate with the production control level in the main development trends of the industry. The improvement of performance better meets the needs of industry users and creates more market application space for flowmeter

restraining factors: the current global economic situation needs to be further boosted, and the demand for industrial products is not strong. Many industry users slowed down investment in new projects or suspended equipment upgrading, waiting for signs of recovery in the global economy. Therefore, in the short term, this will have a certain impact on the development prospect of flowmeter in its main application industry

there are many manufacturers in the global flowmeter market, and the competition is extremely fierce. At the same time, flowmeter manufacturers are facing more stringent price requirements from industry users. In order to make products better penetrate into the main industries of flowmeter application, price competition among manufacturers is no longer inevitable. This phenomenon is common in emerging economies, especially China. Price often becomes the most important determinant of purchasing behavior. In the long run, manufacturers pay more attention to price strategies, resulting in insufficient product innovation and hindering market development

realizing the differentiated and customized production of products is a challenge faced by manufacturers.

traditional mechanical flow meters, such as differential pressure flow meters, volumetric flow meters and variable area flow meters, have been in the stage of popularization, with fierce price competition, diminishing profit margins, less technological innovation and relatively mature market

the realization of differentiated and customized production of products is an important breakthrough for manufacturers in the fierce competition in mature markets

according to the analysis, the user group hopes that the manufacturer can provide automation equipment that brings practical benefits to the production process. Users will have specific needs in the process of product application, for example: in the special environment of the petrochemical industry, solid and durable design and explosion-proof certification are required; Users' requirements for Coriolis flowmeter with straight pipe design, etc. How to effectively obtain the actual needs of users and improve traditional products is a big challenge for manufacturers to differentiate and customize the production process. Guiding users to accept and use new technology flow meters, such as ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters and thermal mass flow meters, is another challenge for manufacturers to expand and strengthen the market. In addition, while new technology flow meters are constantly introduced into various industries, fast and effective after-sales service is also crucial for manufacturers. In particular, the flowmeter based on the foundation fieldbus and profibuspa bus has certain requirements for software technology. Effective services can provide users with more suitable solutions and be close to users

the innovation from mechanical flowmeter to electronic flowmeter is the most important development trend of flowmeter

the innovation from mechanical flowmeter to electronic flowmeter is one of the most important development trends of flowmeter. Electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and vortex flowmeter use electrical principle to work, so as to avoid the moving parts that need to be replaced in the work of mechanical flowmeter. At the same time, the self diagnosis function is introduced into the flowmeter, making the flow meter not only a simple measurement tool, but also for the purpose of system maintenance, such as empty pipe detection and self inspection. And the situation is increasingly needed. After the electronic flowmeter is combined with advanced communication technology, the control personnel can obtain the flow data and historical data of the production site remotely and in real time

currently, about 89.0% of the world's flow meters use the mahart communication protocol, because the flow meters using this communication protocol are less difficult to install and operate than those using the fieldbus protocol, and the introduction of the fieldbus system is also a considerable cost for users. However, as industry users continue to improve the level of automation, they hope to obtain more information from traffic measurement than traffic data, such as diagnostic information and status detection. These data transmission needs to rely on Fieldbus support. Moreover, manufacturers such as Siemens and emmer are focusing on the flow measurement technology of fieldbus protocol. It is believed that this will promote the application prospect of fieldbus protocol flowmeter in various industries

in addition, wireless technology flowmeter is gradually being accepted by users. Fluid measurement in harsh environments is a good application space for wireless technology. However, it will take some time for users to fully accept and popularize wireless technology flowmeter

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