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Analysis of the development trend of home appliance coating market low-carbon environmental protection has become a hot topic

buying a house, which has become one of the most concerned topics of the post-80s generation. This problem is followed by decoration and buying home appliances. Today's home appliance market is diverse and dizzying. Home appliance enterprises no longer use price war to attract customers, reduce costs and improve cost performance is a more recognized way in the current market. At present, household appliance manufacturing enterprises mainly adopt two methods to make the surface of metal materials have the ability of rust prevention and corrosion resistance. One is to buy color coated plates that have undergone rust prevention and corrosion resistance treatment, and the other is to complete the coating treatment by themselves after purchasing galvanized plates, cold-rolled plates and other metal plates. The self built coating production line of household appliance enterprises has been widely accepted because of its low cost and mature technology. The market changes and Technological Development Trends of home appliance metal coating are becoming the focus of home appliance enterprises

the cost increases and the price will not rise in the short term

because most metal workpieces of household appliances have high requirements for corrosion prevention, the current common solution is to use a chemical and electrochemical (referred to as phosphating solution for short) reaction to form a phosphate chemical conversion film (this process is referred to as phosphating, and the formed phosphate conversion film is called phosphating film) in the metal coating pretreatment process, which is together with the subsequent coating, Protect the metal surface from rust and other problems for a long time

according to the investigation, the production technology threshold of phosphating solution is very low at present. In the words of some exaggerated insiders, "let people majoring in chemistry buy some relevant books from bookstores, and then buy raw materials in the market, and they can prepare phosphating solution by themselves."

"China's phosphating solution industry is dominated by small enterprises. I have made rough statistics. There are at least 1000 companies producing phosphating solutions for surface treatment in China." Zhang Xiaonian, general manager of Shanghai kemitel Chemicals Co., Ltd., told, "although kemitel also has phosphating solution products, it cannot enter the home appliance industry, which is particularly 'ruthless' in the price reduction of upstream manufacturers. Home appliance enterprises basically purchase phosphating solution from nearby facilities."

a person in charge of a refrigerator enterprise in the parent triangle region told that the phosphating solution used by the company was produced in Ningbo. This phosphating solution factory is not well-known. Its products should be produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. all year round. The effect of various experimental machines is very good and the cost performance is high. "The metal treated with this phosphating solution has passed the strict tests such as salt spray test and impact test in our laboratory, which is almost the same as that of similar imported products. 2. Main technical specifications: there is no difference."

due to the chaos of the market, in order to attract customers at a low price, some manufacturers provide phosphating solution with "water injection", and the concentration is lower than that of normal products. In order to reduce risks and costs, some home appliance enterprises have built their own phosphating solution production lines

due to the low technical threshold and many manufacturers, the supply price of phosphating solution has remained low. Recently, the price of nickel nitrate, as the raw material of phosphating solution, doubled year-on-year, and the price of zinc, the application scope of carbonation detailed tensile testing machine, increased by 20% year-on-year. However, Zhang Xiaonian said with certainty: "the price of phosphating solution is definitely not going up, because the competition is too fierce, it would be good if the whole machine manufacturer didn't ask for price reduction!"

"at present, we do not intend to increase the purchase price of phosphating solution." Chen Xianzhong, an engineer in the manufacturing process Department of Xinfei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., reflected the attitude of home appliance enterprises to a certain extent

when it comes to the price trend of phosphating solution, song Silian, the Asia Pacific surface treatment business director of Henkel Co., Ltd., believes that with the rising price of some raw materials required for phosphating solution, the price of this product is unlikely to remain low in the future

environmental protection metal surface pretreatment technology: vigorous development

due to the high toxicity of phosphating treatment process, nitrite and heavy metals are relatively serious environmental pollution, so in recent years, many companies are developing environmental protection metal surface pretreatment technology to replace phosphating. According to household appliance enterprises, the silane technology of kemitel and bonderitent-1 of Henkel have been widely used in China. In addition, Hefei Huaqing company and Hebei lijiak company have also launched related products

after years of development, kemitel's silane technology has a high level of industrial application, which can meet the requirements of automotive, home appliance and other industries. Henkel's bonderitent-1 has also been applied in home appliances, office furniture, hardware and other industries. The biggest feature of these two technologies is that they are not only environmentally friendly and safe, but also can be operated at room temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption

"we are testing kemitel's silane technology and Henkel's bonderitent-1, and have not decided which technology to choose." The technician of a well-known refrigerator enterprise who is considering environmental protection substitution for the enterprise phosphating production line said, "although environmental protection metal surface pretreatment has advantages in environmental protection and comprehensive cost, it puts forward more requirements for the enterprise's production water and other aspects. This major technical substitution is far more difficult than the process of zinc series phosphating replacing iron series phosphating, and the enterprise must ensure that it is safe before it can be applied."

Cixi Sanyou Industrial Co., Ltd. adopted Henkel bonderitent-1. Ye Baoquan, general manager of the company, said that although this process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, its adaptability to metals is not as good as the original phosphating process. He said: "For example, Ashland, a large steel plant, is used for all the side plates of our refrigerators. It shows the audience the advantages of its unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, gel coat and other composite materials technology in improving the performance and technology of traditional materials; and the company's efforts and contributions to promote China's economic transformation, assist local customers to improve product performance, and enhance environmental protection, safety, energy efficiency and other aspects, so that The film-forming effect of environmental friendly metal pretreatment technology is good, but many small parts in the refrigerator are provided by our outsourcing factory. In order to save costs, these enterprises purchase steel plates of different quality. After using Henkel's process, the powder spraying adhesion rate of these small parts is not high. For these accessories, we re adopt phosphating process. "

for this, Song Silian believes: "According to our experience, if the operation is standardized, for low-quality steel plates, the metal surface pretreatment with our products will not encounter particularly difficult problems to solve. Enterprises are unwilling to adopt environmental friendly metal surface pretreatment, mainly because they do not understand this technology and rely on the familiar phosphating process. In addition, bonderitent-1 can be directly replaced without changing the original phosphating equipment.". ”

Zhang Xiaonian believes that this cautious attitude of household appliance enterprises is necessary. However, Zhang Xiaonian does not agree with the current standards for pretreatment of household appliance enterprises. "At present, household electrical appliance enterprises use salt spray test and other means when testing the pretreatment quality of cold-rolled and galvanized sheets. Salt spray test was initially introduced into China to test the spraying effect of cold-rolled sheets. With the gradual development of galvanized sheets, domestic household electrical appliance enterprises also introduced salt spray test into the detection of galvanized sheets. According to the test and the feedback of enterprises, we found that the effect of salt spray test after environmental friendly metal surface pretreatment of hot-dip galvanized sheets is not satisfactory." Not ideal, so some enterprises have slowed down the progress of environmental protection and replacement of metal surface pretreatment. We believe that the salt spray test should not be used for the detection of hot-dip galvanized sheet. In foreign countries, the damp heat cycle test method is usually used, which not only has a good test effect, but also has no problems in actual use. "

in addition, as for the price, both kemitel and Henkel believe that the comprehensive cost of the two technologies is better than the phosphating process, and the equipment investment is also lower than that of phosphating. The future development goals formulated by the two enterprises are to provide high-quality and low-cost products for the whole machine factory

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