Analysis on the development trend of China's Plast

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Analysis on the development trend of China's plastic machinery industry

China's plastic machinery industry will become a global leader in the next few years. This is the view of Miao Shenling, who sold his own Evian (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. to Sweden's rapid granulator AB company last year and remained as general manager

Evian, as Cr Jinmin, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, is now interpreting the new trend of household appliance materials anberrytownship3, and international plastics equipment GROUPINC, whose chemical resistance is similar to that of poly4 fluoroethylene The independent brand of the company has been put into operation, and the company aims to become the world's largest manufacturer of material processing and recycling equipment

in an interview with plastics of the United States at the recent China International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Miao Shenling revealed the latest trends of Evian, including the release of new products, the expansion of production capacity in Shanghai, and the price jumping to 100000 to 200000 yuan per ton to expand its distribution network in the United States

the company launched the newly developed high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic waste recycling production line at this exhibition. Miao Shenling said that the focus of the company's development is also shifting to the west, creating a precedent in the industry, and its production capacity is twice that of similar products on the market. During the exhibition, eight machines were sold at one time, with a total sales volume of more than 10million yuan (1.46 million US dollars)

Evian was established in Australia in 1982. In 1997, the company moved all its production operations to China

rapid applied for financial restructuring last year, claiming that the restructuring was partly due to the lack of funds caused by the acquisition of Evian. Nevertheless, the transaction has proved to be very meaningful for rapid, and Evian's current sales growth is unstoppable

Miao Shenling said: Although we were hit by the financial crisis at the beginning of 2009, by the second half of the year, our domestic demand had rebounded rapidly. Since the beginning of this year, overseas orders have also gradually increased, especially for renewable machines with high production capacity and low energy consumption

when predicting the growth prospects in 2010, he said: up to now [mid April], we have completed the full year sales of 2009. He predicted that the annual sales of 2010 would more than double that of 2009

at present, about 60% of the equipment manufactured by Evian in Shanghai is exported overseas, and the remaining 40% is supplied to the Chinese market. According to Miao Shenling, its sales at home and abroad will grow at a similar rate

on the basis of the capacity of the existing factory covering an area of 25000 square meters, Evian is currently building a 28000 square meter phase II delivery room, which is scheduled to be completed in June 2011

in addition, the three-phase construction of 65000 square meters will be started in the first quarter of 2011 and completed in June 2012

he added that the number of employees will also increase from the current 250 to more than 800

at the same time, Evian's sales branch in the United States has officially opened in May, and has a service center in halls, Tennessee Miao Shenling predicted that in just five years, China will become the leader of the global plastic machinery industry, both in terms of market concept and production scale

as for those foreign brands that once dominated the world, those enterprises that have established a certain foundation in China will continue to develop, and those who ignore this market will not be able to win the future

Miao Shenling stressed that today's Chinese machinery manufacturers are not only expanding their own scale, but also increasing investment in research and development and technological upgrading He added: I have returned to China from [overseas] for many years. I have witnessed the amazing development and growth of the Chinese market and industry

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