The world's hottest high-rise XCMG jp80 lift jet f

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The world's highest XCMG jp80 high jet fire truck achieved sales

the world's highest XCMG jp80 high jet fire truck achieved sales

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recently, good news came from XCMG's hoisting machinery division that the world's highest XCMG jp80 high jet fire truck successfully achieved sales, which is the first time that jp80 high jet fire truck has entered the market

XCMG jp80 lift jet fire truck is a new product developed according to the fire protection characteristics of the rapid development of domestic cities, based on the strong and efficient fire protection performance, fully connected with the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling behind the initial operation test to meet the fire extinguishing needs of high-rise and super high-rise fires. Jp80 high jet fire truck integrates the functions of water tank truck, foam truck and high jet truck. The maximum operating height is 80 meters and the maximum operating range is 26 meters. It is equipped with complete advanced functions, such as safety protection devices, 100 meter wireless remote control, and fire site real-time monitoring system, which allow us to accumulate a large number of customer resources. In case of looseness, it provides a strong guarantee for fire rescue. It is the fire protection of urban high-rise buildings Sophisticated equipment to protect the safety of people's lives and property is the world's highest number of meters of lift and spray fire engines

at the same time, XCMG jp80 high-rise jet fire engines are also following XCMG jp60, DG68, jp72 high meter jib fire engines into the market. XCMG has once again opened the high meter fire engine market, highlighting XCMG's strong elimination. However, now ducere has changed its position to advocate the R & D and manufacturing capacity of anti equipment technology

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