Analysis on the development trend of China's iron

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Analysis of the development trend of China's iron oxide industry in 2016

analysis of the development trend of China's iron oxide industry in 2016

June 23, 2016

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with the continuous decline of the national demographic dividend and the continued weakness of the global economy, all walks of life are facing an unprecedented economic winter. In the domestic market, all walks of life are facing a severe situation of overcapacity, which has caused a waste of resources in the whole industry. In this context, the central government has put forward five major tasks of "de capacity, de inventory, de leverage, cost reduction and short board". The work is solid, which will put forward new requirements for the development of all walks of life in China, promote the merger and reorganization of all major industries, and improve the concentration of production capacity of all major industries. Under the circumstances of the new normal and the global economic downturn, the iron oxide industry, one of the fine chemicals, is also facing the problem of excessive storage. In order to guide the national iron oxide industry to have a good development in 2016, Iron oxide branch of China Coating Industry Association "The 2016 member congress and the general election meeting were successfully held in Shunde, Guangdong, the hometown of Chinese furniture and coatings, on June 18, 2016.

this meeting was presided over by President Gao Fujun and the chairman and general manager of Shanghai Yipin Pigment Co., Ltd. Yu yangyuande, Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, sent a special telegram to congratulate the successful convening of the meeting and wish it a success.

Secretary General Lin Zhihua of the branch made a speech on 2015 Report on the economic situation of the chemical iron industry and put forward suggestions for the work of the iron oxide industry in 2016

at this meeting, the economic development of domestic iron oxide industry in 2015 was reviewed and analyzed in detail. In recent years, driven by technological innovation, structural adjustment and the development of the new normal, the industry has been hit hard by the post financial crisis. Under the environment of volatile market factors, weak global economic recovery and significant slowdown in China's economic growth, most enterprises have struggled to make the display show: "n0--" and then input the sample number (workpiece number) from small to large to the edge of loss in the machine, In 2015, the economic output of the whole industry was 660000 tons, the sales volume was 3.63 billion yuan, the sales volume was 605000 tons, of which the export volume was 299200 tons, the export volume was 330.6 million US dollars, and the total profit and tax was 653.4 million yuan, an increase of -2.94%, -13.6%, -4.0%, -6.56%, -4.34%, -13.6% respectively

according to customs statistics, in 2015, China's total import and export value, exports and imports fell by 7%, 1.8% and 13.2% respectively. The total foreign trade volume fell rarely year-on-year, which was obviously far from the growth target set at the beginning of the year. The iron oxide industry was also in a downward trend, and the foreign trade import and export data showed a "double drop". At this turning point, the industry is running at a low level, and the industry is going through a painful period of economic transformation and upgrading from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

this is the pain that China's economic restructuring must go through. The reduction of demographic dividends and the rising production costs, workers' wages and living costs have led to the withdrawal of low-end enterprises one after another, and the economic downturn has frequently spread the news of enterprise withdrawal. From 2010 to the end of 2015, 32 enterprises in the iron oxide industry have stopped production or shut down or transferred other products into customs and shut down due to local regional economic transformation or environmental protection or other factors, According to incomplete statistics, a total of 255000 T/a capacity of the whole industry has been withdrawn. However, the continuous growth of new enterprises in Guangxi, Hubei, Jiangxi, Liaoning and other places, coupled with the application of measures to expand production and increase energy of major enterprises in recent years, has maintained the overall balance of the industry's production capacity and output

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the development direction of the domestic iron oxide industry is analyzed and introduced in detail in the recommendations of the report. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, iron oxide pigment enterprises should pay attention to the two bottom lines of "green and clean production, ensuring environmental protection and safety". We should attach great importance to and strictly implement the "strictest environmental protection law in history" and the two standards to be issued, namely, the emission standard of pollutants for inorganic pigment industry and the energy consumption quota per unit product of iron oxide pigments. With the gradual tightening of environmental protection, safety and cleaner production, iron oxide pigment enterprises should have organized emissions for environmental protection. Many mainstream enterprises in the industry are paying close attention to capital investment, and upgrading the interface of production devices and environmental protection equipment to universal laboratory machine controller is the relevant work measures corresponding to each level

enterprises' investment in environmental protection should be mainly concentrated in two aspects: first, in the comprehensive utilization of "the users of the three waste spring fatigue testing machine only have an accurate grasp of the working environment and ordinary protection of the testing machine", they should continue to develop new technologies and processes. For example, for the recovery of high concentration wastewater, enterprises have also begun to adopt multi effect evaporation technology to solve the problem of recovery and treatment of high concentration wastewater, in addition to using more traditional and conventional treatment methods in the past; The second is to work hard in cleaner production and improve the level of cleaner production by absorbing and digesting advanced technology. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we should speed up the promotion of new processes and technologies for environmental protection treatment in the industry

under the five major tasks of "three deletions, one reduction and one subsidy", the proposal of these structural reforms will provide more perfect and comprehensive reform measures for the "de capacity" and "supply side" work of the iron oxide industry. The key to "de Stocking" is not only to solve the problem of total quantity, but also the problem of structure. If the structural problems are not solved well, even if the total amount decreases significantly, its risks are difficult to avoid. The total amount is one problem, and the structure is another. In terms of structure, it is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is the structural imbalance between regions, the other is the structural imbalance of product industries; It is the key to "de Stocking". On the one hand, the inventory and demand in some regions are not coordinated, and the gap between inventory and demand is large, so they simply cannot digest in a short time; On the other hand, enterprises in some regions that have yet to be transformed, developed and improved may still continue to increase inventory. Although iron oxide is not as productive as titanium dioxide, it does not mean that the structure is reasonable. Unreasonable structure is the biggest risk of the current market. When studying the "de Stocking" work, we must not take the total decline as the main index to measure and analyze the effect of "de Stocking", but should focus on the structure and risk of inventory

put forward work suggestions and requirements on establishing integration with downstream products, promoting industrial scientific and technological innovation, improving technological progress and transformation and upgrading, enhancing international comprehensive competition, and improving quality and efficiency should be the biggest highlights of industrial economic development

looking forward to 2016, the development of the industry has stepped into a period of deep adjustment from the period of scale expansion. There is basically no hope of international and domestic economic growth warming. The production capacity will remain at the current level, the cost and demand support will continue to weaken, the overall interests of enterprises will be reduced, and the price will be in a volatile position

at present, the growth rate of real estate construction investment has declined significantly, the building materials market will continue to be weak, the demand for iron oxide is difficult to release, the orders of iron oxide enterprises are insufficient, and the growth rate of raw material demand is limited, which will lead to a decreasing trend in the apparent consumption of iron oxide in 2016, and the upward space of the market is limited. Against the backdrop of the slow global economic recovery and the unabated momentum of foreign anti-dumping, it is expected that the export of foreign trade in 2016 will be the same as that in 2015, or lower than the trend of no increase or decrease

in the meeting, according to the relevant requirements of the articles of association of China paint industry association and iron oxide industry branch, the Council of iron oxide branch was re elected within 2016. This re-election should have 44 members, and 35 members actually, more than 2/3. This re-election is valid. Thanks to the love and sincerity of all the representatives, all the candidates have been approved by the voting. The governing units of the new iron oxide industry branch are as follows:

Shanghai Yipin Pigment Co., Ltd., Changshu Rockwood Pigment Co., Ltd., Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd., sublimation group Deqing Pigment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yuxing industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Anhui Tongling Ruilai Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Nantong Baoju Pigment Co., Ltd Henan Xinxiang Rongbo Plastic Co., Ltd. and other eight enterprises. Eight governing units recommended Shanghai Yipin Pigment Co., Ltd. as the president of the new branch after business research. The president recommended the appointment of Comrade Lin Zhihua as the Secretary General of the branch

with the joint efforts of the participants, the meeting completed various agendas. The meeting believed that under the guidance, concern and encouragement of the new Council of the China Coating Association and the branch, we will do a good job in adapting to the new situation, based on new needs, pursuing new development, advancing in a down-to-earth manner, promoting the reform, development and stability of the industry, achieving higher quality, fairer and more sustainable development, serving enterprises, the industry and the government Serve the society. Promote the safe development, green development, innovative development, harmonious development and sustainable development of iron oxide industry and make positive contributions

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