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Application of HG25 distributor in Dongfang Plaza

Dongfang Plaza is located on the north side of East Chang'an Street, starting from Dongdan street in the East and ending at Wangfujing Street in the West. Its overall building complex consists of 11 unit buildings, as well as East-West relocation buildings and substations, with a total construction area of 860000 B '. The project is under the general contracting of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, and the fifth construction company of Beijing undertakes to construct two buildings, East No. 1 and East No. 4, with a building area of 156000 M '. The East first floor has 21 floors above the ground, with a total height of 74m; The East fourth floor has 19 floors above the ground, with a total height of 73.16m. The project is a full cast-in-place inspection structure, all of which adopt commodity inspection. In order to greatly improve the construction and production efficiency, it is decided to adopt the construction of commercial concrete feeding - concrete pump pumping - concrete distributor for rapid distribution, and there are some disadvantages such as glass fiber exposure in the products

1. Reasonable selection of concrete terminal distribution equipment

first, comprehensive analysis and comparison of various types of concrete distribution machines are carried out to optimize the model. The vertical concrete pouring operation can not be solved by simply selecting the movable concrete distributing rod, and the production efficiency is affected by the frequent movement, connection and removal of pipes; The external climbing tower concrete distributor is not only high in cost, troublesome in installation and disassembly, but also limited in effective operation range, which is not easy to cover the whole construction operation surface. Finally, it is decided to adopt the internal climbing folding arm concrete distributor. Since it is placed in the center of the building, the effective operation radius can fully cover the entire construction operation surface, and the equipment does not have too many tower body standard sections, the cost of the whole machine is low. We also analyzed and compared the hydraulic drive internal climbing concrete distributor and the electric internal climbing concrete distributor, and believed that the electric internal climbing concrete distributor has the advantages of simple structure, low price, convenient installation and jacking, low failure rate, easy maintenance, simple operation and easy learning. Therefore, the HG25 electric concrete distributor produced by our company is used as the terminal main distribution equipment in the concrete pumping operation of the Oriental Plaza project

2 special operation mode of HG25 distributor

1) 20 questions about the operation in the construction area beyond the 25m operation radius of the distributor. We have solved this problem by using HG25 distributing machine and movable distributing boom. Specific method: install one or several mobile concrete distributing rods on the top of the construction operation area where the boom extension of the distributor cannot reach, lead the conveying pipe of the distributing rod to the position within the rotation radius of the distributor, make the detection port of the distributor (remove the conveying hose at the outlet of the distributor) match with the flange of the conveying pipe port of the distributing rod, and install the connection clamp, The problem of concrete pouring in the dead corner operation area of the building is effectively solved

2) the method of raising the step on the top of the cloth. H G25 type distributing machine shall reserve several supporting holes for the lifting steps on the top of the distributing machine in the elevator shaft of the building according to the regulations, but Party A does not agree to reserve any holes on the inner wall of the elevator shaft. For this reason, we have reserved several iron embedded parts on the inner wall of the elevator shaft and welded the embedded parts with supporting feet with ribs to form the lifting steps on the top of the concrete distributing machine. After the lifting, the supporting feet can be removed by gas cutting

3) stability control during the sliding of the distributor. The elevator shaft of the Oriental Plaza project is too long in the long direction, so the riveting and slide must be made on the wall within the width. There is a door opening on the wide side. When the horizontal support frame with rollers controlling the stability of the whole machine passes through the door opening during the jacking process, it cannot form an overall slide way. We specially made channel steel guide rail to clamp it on the door opening to ensure that the horizontal support frame on the machine passes through safely during the sliding process. After passing through, we removed the guide rail and installed it at the upper door opening, effectively solving the stability problem of the concrete distributor during the jacking process

3 Hg measurement value is more accurate working principle of s distributor

hg25 distributor is mainly composed of body, cap and big and small arms. Metal structure parts such as wall attached support frame, distribution pipe, winch luffing mechanism and slewing mechanism. Climbing mechanism, electrical system and operation room. See Figure 1 for the composition of counterweight block and handrail. Shape parameters: maximum working radius (a) 25 m; Minimum working radius (b) ZM; Jib length (c) 11.6m; Boom length (d) 12m; The height (E) when the boom is lifted up is 12.slm; Cap height ((3) diversity F of experimental system) 3.7 m; Fuselage height (g) 10.22m; The turning radius (H) of the balance arm is 6.97m

main performance parameters: the maximum climbing height per time is 3.5m; Climbing speed 2.17m/min; Rotation speed 0.23 R/min; Boom luffing speed 0.33 R/min; Jib luffing speed 0.43 R/min; Overall mass 10200kg; The total power is 23.6kw

the working principle is as follows

l) concrete placing and distribution within 360 ° radius of 2-25m can be realized through the action of rotary mechanism and variable mechanism. The rotary drive is driven by motor and double cycloid reducer. The winch is used as the driving device for the large and small arm luffing. The distribution pipe is fixed on the large and small arm respectively through the bracket and hoop, which can realize flexible luffing

2) the internal climbing distributor stands in the elevator shaft of the building. When the building structure rises, the distributor completes its climbing through the climbing mechanism, which uses the winch as the driving device

3) the whole machine is stable. Since the H G25 type distributor is used to fix the telescopic support beam of the underframe of the machine body on the building structure, in order to meet the stability of the machine in the use process, a set of horizontal wall attached support frames are installed at 1.6m and 4.8m away from the underframe, and the traveling wheels around the support frames are respectively supported on the inner wall of the elevator shaft. The cantilever height of the fuselage is 5.42m to meet the working height requirements of structural concrete construction with the standard floor below 3M

in addition, the interlock limiter of boom up, boom down and slewing mechanism is added to the distributor, which improves the safety and reliability of the distributor

4. Summary

from July 10 to December 25, 1998, the actual operation time of the two distributors was 802 and 847 hours respectively, and the concrete pouring volume completed was 4896m3 and 8321 m3. Due to the wide distribution range, flexible and accurate positioning, the labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced. At the same time, a tower crane is saved, and the pouring time, i.e. 0.1-1% accuracy, is reduced, thus improving the construction efficiency and reducing the construction cost

through practical application, we believe that HG25 internal climbing folding arm concrete distributor is an ideal terminal equipment for mechanized construction of pumped concrete, which can be widely used. (end)

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